RENTCafé Affordable Housing

Paperwork: Less Is More!

RENTCafé® Affordable Housing™ extends the benefits and features of Yardi’s flagship RENTCafé to properties receiving federal or state housing subsidies.

Affordable housing providers can now replace paper-based applications and compliance processes with online portals for applicants and residents through RENTCafé Affordable Housing.  Standard workflows and verifications provide compliance for state and federal programs including HUD 50059, Section 42 Tax Credit, HOME, and Section 515 Rural Development.

Innovative features such as language translation and application error checking improve the customer experience compared with paper-based processes. Applicants are required to answer each question, so potential errors are highlighted prior to submission. Easy to navigate dashboards allow managers to track applications as they move through the approval workflow. Online applications provide added protection from fair housing claims with a standardized question format and full documentation on how applicants completed each step of the process. All of these built-in features reduce staff time conducting interviews and following up on incomplete applications.

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Web-based workflows reduce submission errors.

Product Highlights


  • Paperless Documentation and Electronic Access

    Upload verification documents securely to your organization’s Web server for convenient electronic storage. A virtual online file cabinet eliminates the need for paper copies and provides quick access to files across your organization.

  • Compliance Information

    Streamline the compliance application review and approval process and gain faster completion times and increased transparency. Staff can view verification documents online and have visual access to the history of all data entered, including each change made by an applicant. Data submitted by an applicant is always preserved, even if staff later makes corrections or updates.

  • Centralized Application Processing

    Free your onsite managers from the burden of processing applications so they can pay more attention to improving the experience of your applicants and residents. Online submissions provide centralized compliance by knowledgeable staff capable of serving your entire affordable housing portfolio, reducing compliance training costs.

  • Built-In Resident Screening

    Combining Yardi Resident Screening™ with RENTCafé Affordable Housing further streamlines the affordable housing qualification process. Yardi Resident Screening conducts thorough background checks within a matter of minutes based on configurable criteria, and saves results directly into Yardi Voyager® Affordable Housing.

  • Integrated Solutions

    Integration between RENTCafé Affordable Housing and Yardi Voyager eliminates the need for rekeying data. Once an applicant record is created in RENTCafé Affordable Housing, data flows directly to Voyager.

  • Proven Security

    Regardless of how users access RENTCafé Affordable Housing, Yardi has comprehensive security features and procedures in place to protect personal information, including 128-bit encryption of all data transmittals.

Key Features

  • Streamlined application workflows designed around your business processes, rules and documents
  • Compliance and lease document generation for original or electronic signature
  • Multiple language options for applicants with translation and printing of documents in English
  • Improved application data quality with a step-by-step workflow
  • Protection from fair housing claims and reduced staff coaching through simple, self-service data entry
  • Integration with Yardi Resident Screening and Yardi Payment Processing™

Key Benefits

  • Reduces lead generation costs
  • Enhances the applicant and resident experience
  • Increases document accuracy and completeness
  • Reduces staff interview and data entry time
  • Standardizes interviews to help mitigate fair housing issues
  • Reduces paper handling and storage costs
  • Increases time for site managers to assist residents and applicants
  • Features full integration with Yardi Voyager and Yardi ancillary products and services