Yardi Mobile Solutions

  • Tools to get things done in the field and on the go — using a smartphone or tablet. We offer mobile solutions that help your staff easily complete maintenance and inspection tasks, handle prospect and tenant services, access CRM data, or approve invoices and purchase orders, and more — all from their mobile device.

  • Yardi PAYscan Mobile

    Yardi PAYscan Mobile™ allows managers to search, view, and approve purchase orders and invoice registers from their mobile device. Approving managers can search for assigned POs by PO number, vendor, or expense type. They can review POs and move them through the Voyager payable workflow. Available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

  • leasingpad-crm
  • Yardi LeasingPad CRM

    Yardi LeasingPad CRM™ combines mobile leasing management and customer relationship management (CRM) to allow you to conduct prospect and resident services from a tablet. Leasing managers can easily step a prospect through the leasing process from initial contact to online lease execution, or assist a resident during move in, move out, or renewal—all from a tablet. Yardi LeasingPad CRM takes the contact, lead, lease, resident and property data housed in Yardi Voyager® and packages it in an intuitive, streamlined, and mobile way for leasing managers.

  • Comm-CRM
  • Yardi Commercial LeasingPad

    Yardi Commercial LeasingPad™ is an easy-to-use, tablet-based solution that leverages the Yardi Voyager® platform and Microsoft® Outlook to provide property managers and leasing agents with mobile access to real-time prospect, tenant, and property information. Yardi Commercial LeasingPad eliminates duplicate data entry by automating the leasing process from lead generation through proposal creation and lease execution, and delivers a 360-degree view into all your leasing and property management activities.

  • Yardi CRM Mobile

    Leveraging the browser-based Yardi Voyager platform and the ease-of-use of Microsoft® Outlook, Yardi CRM™ provides real-time access to all activities relating to your customers, prospects, and leasing pipeline. Yardi CRM Mobile™ provides a mobile extension to that powerful system, allowing leasing agents and other real estate professionals to archive emails, and review contacts, deals and leads directly from this new app. Available in the iTunes App Store.

  • Maintenance-Mobile2
  • Yardi Maintenance Manager Mobile

    Yardi Advanced Maintenance™ includes Yardi Maintenance Manager Mobile™ which allows maintenance managers to easily track technicians, assign work orders and manage their maintenance tasks from a tablet. Technician locations can be displayed on a map when techs are utilizing Yardi Maintenance Mobile™. Work orders can easily be scheduled via a drag and drop process.

  • Mobile Maintenance
  • Yardi Maintenance Mobile

    Yardi Maintenance Mobile™ allows maintenance techs to access their assigned work orders from the field. They can add technician labor and inventory to work orders and record time, notes, and complete work orders in real-time. They also have the ability to create new work orders. Yardi Maintenance Mobile currently supports iPhones and iPads, Android phones and tablets and BlackBerry smartphones. In addition, mobile enabled maintenance web pages can be accessed from any web enabled mobile device. Available at iTunes, Google Play and BlackBerry App World. Learn more.

  • inspections
  • Yardi Inspection Mobile

    Yardi Inspection Mobile™ augments the functionality of Yardi Inspection with the ability to access and enter inspection data from a smartphone or tablet without using the full Voyager browser client. Assigned inspections appear on an inspector’s device instantly, and completed results update the Voyager record automatically. Yardi Inspection Mobile can operate in areas without a cellular or wireless connection and synchronize data once the connection is reestablished. Yardi Inspection Mobile currently supports Android smartphones and tablets, BlackBerry phones, iPhone, and iPad. Available in the iTunes App Store, BlackBerry App World and Google Play Store. Learn more.

  • RENTcafe02
  • Apartment Search by RENTCafé

    This iPhone app offers potential residents access to RENTCafé™ from their iPhone. It allows prospects to search for apartments, compare amenities, view floor plans and image galleries – with the ability to email images right from the iPhone. In addition, they can create favorite lists, access maps, and call properties with a single tap. Prospect information from both RENTCafé.com and the RENTCafé app flows directly into Voyager, populating a guest card and beginning the online application workflow. Available now on iTunes. Key word: RENTCafé apartments. Learn more.

  • RENTCafé Resident

    The RENTCafé Resident iPhone app is a mobile version of RENTCafé Resident Portal that allows current residents to manage their profiles, view their ledgers, pay rent and other charges from a mobile device. Residents can also initiate maintenance requests that include pictures taken with their mobile device. Available in the iTunes App Store.