eMAR and Pharmacy Integration

Take Paperwork Out Of Medication Administration

Yardi eMAR™ enables senior living providers and pharmacies to work seamlessly together in real time to eliminate errors, reduce risk, and maximize delivery of care services to residents.

Replace paper MARs and TARs with Yardi eMAR, a complete eMAR (electronic medication administration records) solution built into an industry leading ERP and electronic health records platform.


Yardi eMAR eliminates paper records, cuts staff time, and improves communication with pharmacies and outside health providers.

Product Highlights


  • Online and Mobile eMAR for Senior Living

    Yardi eMAR can be used as a stand-alone solution or as an integrated module within Yardi EHR™ and the Senior Living Suite™. Yardi eMAR is optimized for mobile access and real-time charting through all major tablet devices and desktop/laptop computers.

    Yardi eMAR provides online messaging tools designed to eliminate time consuming fax transmissions and other common points of miscommunication. Users also save time by eliminating the need for month-end MAR reconciliation. Pharmacy staff and physicians can communicate immediately with med techs and nurses, and can be granted permission-controlled, secure and direct access to resident medication records.

  • Complete eMAR Integration

    Because Yardi eMAR works in the central database covering the entire Yardi Senior Living Suite, users can take advantage of integration with other departmental staff, including finance and administration.

    This integration enables financial analytics for medication administration, the ability to link lab results with prescription orders, automated billing processes based on medication duration and order types, and active coordination between therapeutic and medication treatment plans.

  • Best Practices Based Compliance

    Yardi eMAR includes built-in features to mitigate risk, including an order manager for keeping track of orders for vitals, lab work, dietary requirements, medication and treatment directives, as well as an automated physician cycle review and verification.

    Senior living providers can use Yardi eMAR to securely administer quantity tracking for narcotics and as-needed medications, schedule patients’ medications based on senior living community and resident preference, and manage alerts such as when vitals need to be checked for specific prescription medicines.

  • Join the Yardi Pharmacy Network

    Our exclusive network of pharmacies continues to grow, and now covers much of the United States and Canada. Members of our network bring the benefits of an integrated medication management solution to their customers, thus becoming more competitive in the industry. Integrating point-of-care staff and pharmacies, Yardi eMAR delivers a higher standard of medication administration, reduces risk of improper medication administration, and delivers significant cost and time savings.

    The unique features and benefits of Yardi eMAR, including its integration within a complete suite of senior living solutions, have resulted in a fast adoption rate among senior living providers. Pharmacies joining the network can take advantage of this growth opportunity to become connected with industry-leading senior living providers.

    Join our pharmacy network today!


eMAR Features

  • Full database of all active and discontinued medications
  • Photographs for efficient resident identification confirmations
  • Physician cycle review for order verifications
  • Order manager for keeping track of informational orders, vital orders, lab orders, dietary orders, and more
  • Built-in interfaces with major pharmacies and health information exchanges (HIE)
  • Barcode scan compatible
  • Sliding scale and tapered dosage compatible
  • Injection and patch site monitoring

Integration Features

  • Seamless integration with pharmacy records
  • Order approval
  • Single click refill request
  • Guided medication distribution with resident picture identification
  • Secure messaging
  • Order entry and correction
  • eMAR auto reconcile
  • Real-time resident medication information sharing
  • Automated prescription fulfillment orders

Key Benefits

Senior Living Providers

  • Easy to implement, mobile, and cost effective
  • Enhance facility communications and eliminate common distribution errors
  • Reduced risk and improved compliance through electronic medication management
  • Reduced errors through automated, real time notifications for key areas of concern
  • Eliminates the month-end MAR reconciliation process

Pharmacy Partners

  • Exposure to thousands of senior living, assisted living, and long term care providers currently utilizing the Yardi Senior Living Suite
  • An enterprise-class eMAR solution fully integrated to Yardi’s EHR and ERP platform
  • The ability to offer a cost efficient eMAR software to clients without a current solution in place
  • Co-marketing opportunities with Yardi at trade shows and industry events across the United States and Canada throughout the year
  • Documented time and cost savings through an eMAR solution which has led the industry since 2002, formerly known as ALMSA
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention with electronic order tracking


Pharmacy Network

To find a pharmacy partner near you, please email seniorlivingpartners@yardi.com.

Current Certified/Active
Pharmacy Partners
Automated eMAR Order Population and Updates Electronic Refill Requests Census Management State
Atkinson’s Pharmacy FL
CalMed Pharmacy CA
CET Pharmacy MI
Consonus WA, OR, CA
CL Cressler, Inc. / Medicine Shoppe PA, NY, MD
Garda Pharmacy PA
Geneva Woods (CHS) AK, MT, WA, OR, ID, WY
Guardian Pharmacy of SouthEast FL FL
Infinity Pharmacy Solutions TX
Matrx WA
Managed Healthcare OR
Mercury Pharmacy WA
Omnicare National
OneCare Pharmacy MI
Park Shore Pharmacy FL
PharmcareUSA AZ
Pharmacy Concepts TX
Prime Care Pharmacy PA
Propac Pharmacy WA
Ron’s Pharmacy CA
Vanguard Pharmacy FL
Pharmacy Partners
Automated eMAR Order Population and Updates Electronic Refill Requests Census Management State
Coastal MD
Remedi MD, PA