Public and Assisted Housing


Yardi offers multiple solutions for Public Housing Agencies of all sizes and budgets to manage Public Housing and Housing Choice Vouchers. Yardi Voyager® PHAYardi Beacon™ PHA, and the Yardi PHA suite of products provide tools designed to make your agency run more efficiently.

Yardi Voyager PHA

Yardi Voyager PHA integrates Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher compliance, accounting, and property management on a mobile platform accessible through desktop computers and handheld devices. This end-to-end solution guides agencies through regulatory procedures, automates workflows, and eliminates redundant data entry to increase staff productivity, improve operational efficiency, and reduce operational costs. Learn more >>

Yardi Beacon PHA

Yardi Beacon™ is an online software solution scaled to meet the needs of small- to mid-sized agencies – generally organizations with 500 or fewer units under management. Informational dashboards and browser-based workflows combine property management, accounting, and compliance tasks in a single, easy-to-use solution. Optional integration with Yardi Resident Screening™ and QuickBooks® create opportunities for additional efficiency.  Learn more >>

Mobile PHA Solutions

In addition to the mobility offered by the browser-based Yardi Voyager PHA, Yardi also offers mobile applications designed for agencies to provide resident services, complete tasks and approvals, and access dashboards with real-time data from the core Voyager PHA database. Yardi mobile solutions are optimized for iPhone® and iPad®, BlackBerry® smartphones, and Android® smartphones and tablets. The Yardi PHA Suite includes mobile applications for the public housing industry: Yardi PAYscan Mobile, Yardi Maintenance Mobile, and Yardi Inspection Mobile.