Yardi Cloud Security

Keep your data safe with secure software and the industry’s most trusted cloud provider

Protect your data, minimize IT costs and safeguard sensitive records. In the Yardi Cloud you get guaranteed security compliance, data recovery, automatic encryption and the latest in intrusion prevention, security best practices and 24/7 system monitoring.


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Strengthen Front End Security

Depend on secure cloud-based software with convenient front-end security administration, privilege flexibility, automatic encryption and the latest in intrusion prevention practices.

Yardi software features inclusive and broad-ranging security with granular settings that enable system administrators to create multiple levels of access for users or groups of users.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) means data sent over the internet is always encrypted. Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and multiple firewalls add an additional layer of protection.

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Safeguard Mobile Devices

Ensure mobile devices stay secure with TLS technology and an operating system equipped with remote access and password management.

Yardi software validates user logins and passwords against an encrypted database table. Encrypted cookies require validation against the database before each request between the server and the client.

Administrators can set password complexity and expiration requirements and automate user log-offs based on inactivity.

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Bank on Fortified Data Centers

Eliminate onsite servers and guarantee your data stays secure with 12 data centers positioned around the globe for enhanced site security and continuous network surveillance.

Yardi’s comprehensive database protection safeguards client records through a global network of secure data centers with 24/7 monitoring of server operations, biometric screening, video surveillance and on-premises personnel.

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Rely on Guaranteed Protection

Rely on the latest cloud security management practices with third-party penetration tests and audits for constant assessment and network security enhancement.

By employing top-tier security vendors like Ambient, SecureWorks and Sunguard to deploy regular penetration tests of the network and applications, Yardi can assess and analyze the strength of current security strategies.

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Jay Shobe

Vice President, Technology
Yardi Systems

"The cyber security world changes very quickly. There is never a point at which you can say, 'We are done and we can now focus on something else.' At Yardi, we are constantly reviewing the components we need to deploy to keep client data safe."
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Stay Fully Compliant

Feel confident your data storage procedures comply with PCI, SSAE 18 and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.

Senior Living providers can rest assured with resident health data adhering to the latest HIPAA rules.

Yardi databases satisfy the co-location of client data and annual SSAE Service Auditors reports mandated by PCI and SSAE 18.

On-premises security personnel, continuous video surveillance and biometric screening at all entrances fulfill Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA confidentiality requirements.

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