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Automated Lead Tracking

Convert more leads into leases, improve retention, gain visibility into your leasing office, and maximize marketing ROI.

Promptly turn leads into leases, gain visibility into the performance of your leasing team, and identify the most effective advertising sources for your properties. Fully integrated with Yardi Voyager®Yardi Call Center™ and Yardi LeasingPad™, Yardi PopCard™ automatically delivers vital lead information directly to your desktop or tablet.

Product Highlights

Accurately Track and Manage Leads

With PopCard, automated workflows channel daily leasing and CRM activities into one integrated, transparent system — so you have total visibility into your leasing office. PopCard tracks your advertising sources with complete accuracy to reveal how your marketing dollars are performing. As a result, you can capture and track every lead efficiently, make your advertising more productive, and cost-effectively increase conversion rates.

Maximize Leasing and Retention

PopCard provides real-time notification of all leads straight to your desktop – and when combined with Yardi LeasingPad – directly to your tablet. With PopCard, your staff instantly knows the contact’s advertising source, phone number or email address, and guides them step-by-step with daily task alerts to assist leads efficiently from end to end.

Improve Sales and Employee Performance

Analytic reporting on agent performance, property positioning, and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns provides timely information to effectively manage your leads and contacts, sign more leases, and improve your team’s performance. With PopCard analytics, you can turn accurate data into actionable information that increases your ROI.

Key Features

  • Real-time lead identification, evaluation, tracking, and management
  • Call, email, chat, and walk-in information entered in PopCard is automatically populated in Voyager
  • Automated workflow ensures every lead must be serviced from end to end
  • Leads can be automatically shared with sister properties while viewing real-time availability
  • Accurate reporting on marketing spend, employee performance, traffic patterns and more
  • Full integration with Yardi Voyager, Call Center, and LeasingPad

Key Benefits

  • Optimal visibility into leasing process eliminates missed opportunities
  • Accurate reporting on leasing and campaign performance turns data into actionable information and increases ROI
  • Eliminates manual data entry and duplicate records
  • Ensures staff accountability and process consistency