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Voyager Government

Save time by automating all your real estate processes

Run your government agency more efficiently with automated real estate, financial, accounting and management tools. Save staff time with a single connected system that eliminates multiple databases and houses all information in one system.


Lease Efficiently

Get the information you need to make better decisions. Track leases and process receivables with the same automation and database integration used by public, private and nonprofit organizations around the world.

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Analyze Quickly

Gain a complete picture of your agency’s performance with real-time property and financial key performance information that’s customized to your needs.

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Meet All Deadlines

Tailor your dashboard to display dates, tasks and email notifications when you need them—daily, weekly or monthly.

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Communicate & Organize

Efficiently manage any number and variety of documents. Customize correspondence, documents, forms and reporting packages to satisfy all stakeholders.

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