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Utility Billing

Lower utility expenses by automating cost recoveries

Spend less time on utility bills and more time on crucial tasks that require your attention. Our comprehensive billing program monitors consumption, identifies leaks, notifies responsible parties, detects invoice errors and recovers overage charges.


Reduce Costs

Recover vacant unit costs at the common area, master meter and individual unit levels. We will install and maintain your submeters in addition to ensuring the quality of their data.

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Gain Control, Enhance Insight

Use real-time data to add new levels of accuracy to your cost and consumption analyses. Use smart analytics to drill into the information that is most impactful to you.

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Expert Support

Your successful cost recovery is backed by expert client services, a dedicated regulatory staff and full submeter data administration. Our Yardi Voyager and Yardi Energy support teams collaborate on your account to provide multi-faceted support on your portfolio.

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Extend Your Energy Platform

Add more Yardi products for a comprehensive energy management program. Process invoices electronically with Yardi PayScan, automate utility invoice processing with Yardi Utility Expense Management and conveniently view the results on Yardi Pulse dashboards.

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