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Trust Accounting Suite

Manage all fiduciary needs on one cloud platform

Eliminate multiple specialty asset management systems, automate data transfer between banks and other third parties, streamline payments and reporting and gain full transparency. The Yardi Trust Accounting Suite includes Yardi Real Estate Trust Accounting, Yardi Notes & Mortgages and Yardi Oil & Gas.


Oversee Trust Accounting

Execute property and financial management of any property in a trust, from apartment complexes to commercial buildings to farmlands.

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Automate Notes & Mortgages

Replace time-consuming manual loan management processes with fully automated fiduciary functions including payment processing, meeting tax and insurance obligations and client reporting.

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Award-Winning Cloud Services

The Yardi Trust Accounting Suite is built into the Yardi Voyager platform. This environment supports painless upgrades, a preconfigured setup, secure IT infrastructure, 24/7 accessibility and full business continuity – all while reducing your overhead and capital costs.

Ensure Oil and Gas Compliance

Ensure Oil & Gas Compliance

Streamline management of oil and gas specialty assets, down to the well level. Save staff time and ensure compliance with your fiduciary obligations by automating insurance, tax payments, fee and market value calculations, annual reviews and reports.

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Gain Suite Benefits

Gain Suite Benefits

Gain full transparency into your clients’ specialty assets with secure document management and award-winning cloud services.

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