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Reporting & Analytics

Optimize your energy and sustainability program

Connect your portfolio’s energy data into a single interactive platform. Easily track costs, consumption, demand and emissions on your dashboard. Intelligently compare buildings in your portfolio to meet your efficiency and budgetary goals.

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Benchmark your portfolio

Gain a centralized, online repository for energy cost and consumption data that helps identify new ways to control usage and reduce cost across your portfolio. View cost recovery through your utility billing program with submeter leak alerts and notifications.

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ESG Whole Building Aggregation

Solve the whole building data problem by consolidating multiple data sources into one dashboard to view your portfolio data coverage for ESG reporting. Clearly identify consumption and emissions data coverage and data gaps to prioritize data acquisition plans.

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See True Performance

Pulse dashboards deliver all your advanced energy efficiency performance data in a single portal, including tools for real-time building energy loads, fault detection and building optimization.

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Extend Your Energy Platform

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