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RentCafe Marketing IQ

Increase ROI & reduce spend with real-time property marketing analytics

Access the data you need, displayed how you need to see it. Marketing IQ takes the guesswork out of marketing, allowing you to monitor campaigns, analyze results and enhance your strategy. Market your communities with confidence knowing you can see performance, spend, lead attribution and more in one place.

Portfolio & Property Performance

Identify Your Priorities

View portfolio-level marketing analytics that show broad trends, then drill into availability, prospects and leases for each property to quickly prioritize your short- and long-term efforts.

Discover 5 marketing metrics that impact your bottom line
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Improve your performance

Improve Your Results

See which sources drive the most revenue at the lowest cost so you can optimize spend. Identify best and worst performing sources then adjust to get more leases for less.

Read about 7 marketing analytics you should be monitoring

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Track the leasing journey

Track the Leasing Journey

See every step each prospect took on the path to signing a lease, including each interaction they had with your website. Discover which touchpoints create the most brand awareness and which result in the most customer contact.

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Property marketers looking at property marketing analytics on a tablet

Optimize Website Performance

Compare website behaviors and conversions across your portfolio. Look at which are outperforming and which are underperforming, then make improvements and watch metrics rise.

Learn which website CTAs convert the most visitors
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Get more from your marketing

Get More from Your Marketing

Realize the best value for your marketing dollars when you combine Marketing IQ with REACH by RentCafe for websites, SEO and PPC. Drive conversions at a low cost per lease with full transparency.

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