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Get reliable energy at competitive prices


Leverage Our Expertise

Get the best rate and structure to meet your portfolio’s needs. The PowerShopping team constantly monitors energy markets for associated trends and regulatory factors to stabilize costs and reduce risk.

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Get Pricing Certainty

Reduce risk, even if you already have a contract in place. Yardi analyzes occupancy levels, efficiency projects and other factors to develop a unique pricing strategy for you. We calculate the emissions from your utilities to ensure the correct purchase quantity.

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Reduce Risk Further

Add Pulse Energy Procurement to your existing Yardi Utility Expense Management services to further reduce risk. Leverage one vendor for managing all aspects of your utility charges and invoices.

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Extend Your Energy Platform

Reduce your properties’ energy consumption, keep tenants comfortable and simplify analysis and reporting with automated energy management solutions. Learn more about our smart energy products for residential and commercial real estate.

Yardi Energy Suite for Residential
Yardi Pulse Suite for Commercial

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