Get Reliable Energy at Competitive Prices

Yardi negotiates contracts with leading energy suppliers to provide reliable energy at competitive prices for clients in deregulated states. We’ll do all the upfront work — market research, requests for proposal, supplier price bid analysis, legal review of contracts — to match you with the best rate and structure. We listen to your needs and can create power contracts that match your risk tolerance whether you want to beat the utility’s price every month or provide 100% price certainty for your budget.

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By Gabe Nordyke

  • Product Highlights

  • Market Knowledge

    We understand the dynamics of energy markets. We constantly monitor energy markets and proactively alert clients to market opportunities. We understand the trends and regulatory factors expected to impact each deregulated market.

  • Budget Stability

    We analyze a building or portfolio’s energy‐use profile and work with property owners and managers to understand factors that will affect a pricing strategy including real estate hold strategy, occupancy levels and efficiency projects. Using this information we provide customized pricing options to match budget targets and risk tolerance.

  • Reliable Sources

    Yardi works to procure the most reliable competitive supply contracts in states where electricity deregulation is in place and in all markets for gas and fuel oil. Our legal counsel employees have 30 years of energy industry experience to pre-negotiate the most customer-friendly terms for your contracts.

  • Sustainably Green

    Yardi can negotiate contracts for renewable energy certificates (RECs) and carbon offsets from a variety of sources including wind, solar, hydro and biomass sources. We calculate the emissions from your utilities to ensure the correct purchase quantity.

Key Features

  • Full array of pricing options
  • Complete understanding of trends and regulatory factors
  • Active involvement in all deregulated markets

Key Benefits

  • Reliable energy supply contracts at competitive prices
  • Customized recommendations for energy market entry timing and strategy
  • Support for sustainability goals