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Understand portfolio health and respond quickly to investor inquiries

Simplify front-office tasks with a single mobile solution including functionality for investor relations, asset and portfolio management, deal managers and executives. InvestorPlus is an easy-to-deploy customer relationship management and business intelligence solution leveraging Microsoft Outlook.


Track All Activities

Automate all fund processes, from lead generation and proposal creation to issuing capital calls. Answer investor questions about funds and properties, respond to RFPs and track investment performance in real time.

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Understand Portfolio Health

Get business intelligence that drives better-informed decisions. Dashboards and analytic reports provide portfolio-wide transparency and help your team quickly answer investor inquiries.

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Enhance Investor Confidence

Monitor the health of investment portfolios, funds and single assets against key performance indicators.

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Operate More Efficiently

Equip your team with easy-to-use dashboards and analytic reports. InvestorPlus eliminates duplicate data entry by capturing contacts and correspondence step by step.

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