Affordable Protection for Tenants, Additional Revenue for You

When your tenants lease a storage unit, they might not realize they need insurance to protect their goods from damage or loss. GoodShield® Protection Plan™ offers tenants affordable protection for belongings stored at your facility – with easy signup and attractive, competitive pricing.

Tenants are conveniently billed with their monthly storage unit rent. And, it’s all integrated with your Yardi® property management platform so you can easily automate enrollment and monitor at the site level. We take care of all the details so your staff can focus on leasing – not on tracking policies or processing paperwork. Plus, you may be able to gain a significant revenue stream by offering this affordable plan to your tenants.

Product Highlights

  • Comprehensive Protection

    GoodShield protects tenants against damage or loss of stored belongings due to fire, smoke, lightning, wind, water damage, and theft. Tenants can choose options from $1,000 to $10,000 for a low cost, which is conveniently billed with their monthly storage unit rent. We make it quick and easy with pre-approved protection and no additional background or credit checks.

  • Automated Tracking

    It’s easy to offer GoodShield to your tenants as a way to protect their valuables. Program tracking is built right into your Yardi property management platform, with automated reporting so you don’t have to worry about charge reconciliation.

  • Controlled Revenue Stream

    With GoodShield, you can provide a great service to your tenants by offering affordable protection of their stored belongings, and benefit from the billing and collection of charges for an additional revenue stream. Storage facility owners can earn revenue for assisting with program implementation and ongoing administration. Program charges to your tenants can be priced competitively based upon the amount of content protection and what you feel is optimal for your local market — and tenant charges and payments happen automatically within your Yardi property management system for easy oversight.

Key Features
  • Affordable pre-approved protection for tenants with fast and easy enrollment
  • Property coverage at full replacement cost
  • Program adoption tracking built into Yardi property management platforms with automated reporting and monitoring
  • You choose the charge amount that’s competitive for your market
  • GoodShield literature provided for tenants, plus training for your staff to manage the program in your Yardi software
Key Benefits
  • Allows storage facility owners to earn revenue for assisting with program implementation and administration
  • Supports pre-approval for protection without additional background or credit checks to make signing up fast and easy
  • Guarantees monthly costs without increases resulting from past claim activity
  • Includes policy and claims management customer service to policyholders allowing your staff to focus on other tasks
  • Provides instant program adoption within your leasing workflow to maximize penetration rates