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Floorplan Manager

Visualize floor plans with real-time data and measurements

Integrate Yardi Voyager data into your floor plans and optimize space management with our centralized solution. Leverage CAD files, use customization tools and export floor plans for marketing to tenants and prospects.

21832 (600×400) Floorplan Mgr – Store and View_r2

Store & View

Create, view and edit floor plans in one central location to streamline space management. Auto-calculate rentable and useable areas, approve, activate and share new floor plans to boost marketing.

21832 (600×400) Floorplan Mgr – Enhance and Customize_r2

Enhance & Customize

Color spaces with lease metrics, label with additional data points and visualize all layers of CAD files. Use out-of-the-box KPIs and customize your own metrics for insights on property performance.

21832 (600×400) Floorplan Mgr – Annotate and Speculate_r2

Annotate & Speculate

Rotate and resize unit labels, add tenant logos, customize text and display metrics. Create leasing models with version control and effective dates and share with tenants and prospects.

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21832 (600×400) Floorplan Mgr – Draw and Calculate_r2

Draw & Calculate

Import and export CAD files, manage CAD drawings, draw unit boundaries and demise spaces with instant area calculations. Use the latest area measurement standards and track real inventory.

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21832 (600×400) Floorplan Mgr – Export and Distribute_r2

Export & Distribute

Export for internal and external use to PDF, DXF, SVG or PNG files and easily share detailed floor plans. Send drawings to tenants and feed to your website. Automate export to SharePoint or other locations as needed.

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