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Data Connect

Don’t just collect data, connect it

Customize your data and get insights like never before. Yardi Data Connect provides a secure feed from Yardi Voyager to Microsoft® Power BI, enabling infinite customizations and incorporation of third-party sources.

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Collect & Connect

Use your existing Microsoft® Azure environment and Power BI to aggregate and configure data from multiple Voyager databases and other sources you use every day. Ensure accuracy for your data to establish one source of truth.

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Get a Passport to Your Data

Gather your Voyager data and generate infinite permutations and views. Data Connect unlocks a new level of connection and is your gateway to new visualizations in Power BI.

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Create Powerful Reports

Enrich reporting with compelling visuals that display complete views of your data to tell an impactful story. Work smarter by understanding patterns and use visualization tools in Power BI to drive better decisions.

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Generate Instant Dashboards

Use the Data Connect dashboard “starter pack” that includes hundreds of customizable dimensions and measures to collect insights instantly. You can also modify the provided KPIs or create your own custom metrics and visualizations.

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Automate Data Refreshes

Remove manual connections with automated data feeds and refresh schedules between your Voyager data and Power BI.

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