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Case Manager

Strengthen service delivery with an easy-to-use request tracking solution that maximizes communication and streamlines compliance with all applicable regulations

Increase client satisfaction with a ticketing system that can help your team address the needs of applicants, residents, participants, employees and vendors.

Gain Oversight_

Gain Oversight

Use a standalone, innovative solution that centralizes how your team tracks client requests, assigns tasks and keep cases on track for proper closure.

Keep Staff On Task

Keep Staff On Task

Discretely share cases data so that everyone is aware of due dates, the next tasks to be completed and specific staff assignments.

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Keep Fair Housing Compliant_

Keep Fair Housing Compliant

Don’t let reasonable requests for accommodation fall through the cracks. Use tasks assignments in cases to make sure follow-up tasks are completed and documented.

Leverage Connected Solutions_

Leverage Connected Solutions

Yardi Case Manager can import and export certain data with solutions from the Yardi Voyager PHA and Yardi Affordable Housing Suites. 

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