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  • Optimize the value of your assets with big data that drives predictive analytics and prescriptive actions to lower costs, raise revenue and mitigate operational risk.

    Part of Yardi Elevate for multifamily.

    Take Action

    Designed specifically for CEOs, COOs, asset managers and other operational executives, Asset IQ delivers machine learning recommended actions drawn from in-depth analytical insights into your operations and competitive environment.

    Reduce Risk

    For Seattle-based Pillar Properties, viewing important metrics for the company’s entire portfolio in one place along with recommended actions has been key to making profitable decisions quickly and minimizing risk.

    Read Pillar’s success story

    Billy Pettit


    Pillar Properties

    “Asset IQ empowers Pillar Properties to take a forward-thinking approach. There’s more competition now than ever and using a tool that enables us to be more proactive is something we will really benefit from moving forward.”

    Market Smarter

    Reduce costs when you start spending the right amount on the right channels at the right time. Combine Asset IQ with RENTCafé Reach to unlock the full power of just-in-time marketing.

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    Drive Revenue

    Connect revenue management, marketing, expense and revenue budgeting across your business — and benefit from recommendations that get even smarter over time to drive higher revenue.

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    Leverage Market Data

    Get a holistic comparison of your asset performance versus the market with big data from Yardi Matrix. Expense and revenue metrics will help you pinpoint opportunities to grow revenue and reduce costs.

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    Asset IQ is part of Yardi Elevate for Multifamily

    Yardi Elevate provides in-depth operational data and predictive insights with recommended actions to elevate asset performance by lowering costs, balancing risk and increasing revenue. Learn more.

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