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Yardi Unveils CondoCafe for Automated Status Certificate Processing


Condominium request process eliminates manual data input and courier fees. Integration with Yardi Voyager ensures data is up to date

SANTA BARBARA, CALIF., Sept. 4, 2012— Yardi announced today that it has launched CondoCafe™, an automated platform for status certificate and document service for condominium buyers, real estate agents and property managers.

CondoCafe is an online service that automates the process of requesting, generating, approving and delivering status certificates for potential condominium home buyers and real estate agents. It is fully integrated with Yardi Voyager™, using data directly from clients’ condominium management databases. Deployed initially for the province of Ontario, Canada, CondoCafe will eventually be made available to Yardi Voyager condominium clients across Canada and the U.S.

When a request for a status certificate is submitted through CondoCafe, it automatically creates the certificate and makes it available for review by the condominium manager. Once approved, the completed certificate can be downloaded by the requestor. All fees for the service are automated as well, just like shopping online.

“The status certificate process is a horrific paper-intensive job when done manually. Doing it online with an automated process is vastly more efficient and allows us more time to focus on our services to our clients,” said Tracy Gregory, chief financial officer for Brookfield Residential Services Ltd., the first Yardi client to adopt CondoCafe and a major contributor to the product’s development. “We prepare thousands of status certificates every year and each one has a 10-day deadline. We will see huge cost, time and convenience advantages from not having to manually bundle documents, route them for multiple approvals, and arrange for distribution of the package to the certificate purchaser. The biggest advantage of CondoCafe is its full integration with Voyager, which ensures that all data in the package is up to date.”

“Status certificate document packages are very complex and time-consuming when processed manually. CondoCafe saves staff time, prevents errors, and eliminates courier costs,” said Peter Altobelli, vice president and general manager of Yardi’s Canadian operations. “The status certificate process is just the beginning. Yardi looks forward to adding a variety of innovative solutions to CondoCafe to serve our Voyager clients in the U.S. and Canadian condominium markets.”

About Brookfield Residential Services Ltd.

Brookfield Residential Services Ltd. is the largest condominium property management company in Canada’s Ontario province, managing 65,000 condominium units located as far east as Ajax, west to Burlington, south to Toronto’s lakefront and north to Gravenhurst. The company is owned by Brookfield Office Properties Inc., a publicly traded company, and is listed under the ticker symbol BPO on both the New York and Toronto Stock Exchanges. For more information, visit

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