Yardi Matrix White Paper Updates Opportunity Zone Activity


Yardi Matrix White Paper Updates Opportunity Zone Activity

Tax deferrals incentivize investment in low-income areas

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., March 20, 2019 – A new white paper from Yardi® Matrix offers insight into the impact of a U.S. real estate investment tax incentive.

Tax reform passed in December 2017 designated more than 8,700 low-income “opportunity zones” where capital gains taxes may be lowered or eliminated depending on how long an investment is held. Opportunity zones encompass about 10% of the U.S. population and 12% of the country’s land.

The white paper notes that opportunity zones have attracted intense interest from real estate investors because they “draw from a new base of largely untapped investors” and offer value-add opportunities in “new markets that were thought to be too small or risky as investment strategies.”

About 1.9 million multifamily units, 960 million square feet of office space and 180 million square feet of self storage space are either in place or under construction in opportunity zones.

Among the other opportunity zone faces reported in the white paper:

  • The development pipeline—projects approved but not begun—includes 450,000 multifamily units, 120 million square feet of office space and 12 million square feet of self storage space.
  • Washington, D.C., Phoenix and Brooklyn, N.Y., have the most multifamily units in place and under construction.
  • Houston, Detroit and Portland, Ore., are the leaders in office square feet in place and under construction.
  • Metros with the most self storage space in place and under construction are Richmond, Va., Phoenix and California’s Inland Empire.

Learn more about this still-developing investment vehicle in the white paper, titled “The Big Opportunity for Investors in Opportunity Zones.”

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