Yardi Energy Managers Recognized for Expertise


Leading credentialing group recognizes staff members as Certified Energy Managers

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., August 29, 2017 – The Yardi Smart Energy Suite is a comprehensive suite of products and services for optimizing energy performance in commercial and residential buildings. Yardi energy experts help clients get maximum value from the suite, which includes tools for automated energy monitoring, adjustments and analytics.

The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), the leading credentialing body for energy managers, has confirmed several Yardi employees as Certified Energy Managers (CEMs). This designation validates their expertise in integrating buildings’ electrical, mechanical and infrastructure components into cost-effective energy management solutions.

“Yardi’s Certified Energy Managers work hand in hand with our clients on budgets, energy audits and other elements involved in making buildings energy-efficient,” said Matt Eggers, vice president of Yardi Energy.

“We’re better positioned to deliver superior service because our CEMs speak the clients’ language, fully understand energy issues and can formulate the best solution based on client needs. Clients often have their own CEMs, and having them ourselves adds credibility to our energy management expertise,” Eggers said.

Learn more about how the Yardi Smart Energy Suite reduces energy consumption, keeps tenants comfortable and simplifies analysis and reporting. Watch video or call 800.866.1144 for more information about Yardi’s Certified Energy Managers.

For more insight, watch a video interview with Martin Levkus, regional director of Yardi Energy.

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