Yardi Beacon Delivers a One-Click Solution for Public Housing Agencies


Fully integrated, Web-based software is available for public housing and housing choice vouchers programs

SANTA BARBARA, CALIF., April 9, 2012—Yardi announced its general release of Yardi Beacon™ for managing public housing, affordable housing, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s housing choice vouchers program. As a Web-based software solution, Yardi Beacon offers seamless integration of compliance, accounting and property management and a robust feature set. Yardi Beacon is an addition to the current family of Yardi solutions for public housing and affordable housing, complementing the Yardi Voyager™ PHA, Yardi Voyager™ Affordable Housing, Yardi CLASSIC™ and VisualHOMES™ solutions.

“Yardi Beacon is the perfect resident management platform for a small housing authority,” said Keith LePrevost, executive director for the Hightstown Housing Authority in New Jersey, which implemented Yardi Beacon in October 2011. “We use it as a complete resident management solution. Beacon automatically updates accounts and transmits subsidy calculation information to HUD. The system backs up our resident information, saving us that task. It’s a true one-click solution.”

Yardi Beacon offers fully integrated general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, waitlists and work order management. It also delivers comprehensive reports, letter management, and Low Income Housing Tax Credit management, and facilitates compliance for HUD 50058 and 50059 and HOME. Optional resident screening capabilities bring even greater efficiencies for public housing agencies.

“With Yardi Beacon, managers can focus on public housing management and forget about IT. They don’t need to install any software programs, and they can access their resident information from anywhere with an Internet connection,” said Mark Livanec, vice president of affordable housing sales and public housing sales for Yardi.

About Hightstown Housing Authority

The Hightstown Housing Authority was established in 1964 to serve low income residents of the Borough of Hightstown, N.J., and surrounding areas. The Housing Authority is composed of 100 apartments of public housing that are regulated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Housing Authority’s mission is to provide safe, decent and quality affordable housing to qualified low income individuals and families. It promotes self-sufficiency initiatives that help to improve the quality of life and the economic wellbeing of its residents. For more information, visit www.hightstownhousing.org.

About Yardi

Yardi has been committed to the design, development and support of real estate management software for 30 years. Yardi offers one of the most comprehensive property management software platforms on the market today, including a family of products designed specifically for public housing and affordable housing. Click the following links for more information on our public housing software and affordable housing software.

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