June Swoon Averted as Rents Rise Again


Matrix Monthly predicts little immediate ‘Brexit’ impact on U.S. multifamily rent growth

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., June 30, 2016 – U.S. apartment rose by double digits for the third straight month. The national average for the 119 markets covered by Yardi® Matrix was $1,213, an increase of $10, or 0.9%, over May, as reported in the latest edition of Matrix Monthly.

Leading the way in year-over-year rent growth are Sacramento, Calif; Seattle; Portland, Ore.; Los Angeles; and California’s Inland Empire.

To see the full June report, click here.

Britain’s referendum vote to exit the European Union, the month’s biggest economic news, will have little immediate impact on rental growth trends because the U.S. is a relatively small trading partner, according to the report. Less than 4% of U.S. goods end up in the United Kingdom. The report cautions that the separation process has the potential to create uncertainty that could slow hiring and growth and create capital market volatility.

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