ALMSA eMAR Medication Administration Now Built Into the Yardi EHR Platform


SANTA BARBARA, CALIF., December 31, 2014 – Yardi announced today the successful launch of Yardi eMAR™, a solution for senior living providers to create comprehensive electronic medication administration records and connect with online pharmacy services. This software launch transforms ALMSA eMAR, which Yardi previously offered through its ALMSA subsidiary, into a core component of the new Yardi EHR™ platform for electronic health records.

“Yardi EHR, including eMAR technology, is the only electronic health records solution for the senior living industry that is entirely built into a complete ERP system, notably the powerful Yardi Voyager® platform,” said Yardi Senior Living Vice President Eric Kolber. “No other electronic health record system can take advantage of the benefits that come with this level of integration – such as real-time alerts and communication between clinical and business staff, clinical risk mitigation, financial analytics, fact-based decision support, and reduced IT overhead.

“We have been fortunate to build on the success of ALMSA to incorporate proven eMAR technology into Yardi EHR and the Yardi Senior Living Suite™. Our single stack, senior living platform enables our clients to consolidate all services into a centralized software solution, and we are excited to fully integrate medication management with the addition of Yardi eMAR,” said Kolber. The Yardi Senior Living Suite includes solutions for senior living marketing, sales, property management, finance, and health care services.

“We are focused on ways to make medication administration faster, easier, and more accurate than ever before,” said Yardi Director of Healthcare Solutions Fil Southerland. “New developments for Yardi eMAR including the ability to work offline and have data automatically sync from handheld devices, advanced pharmacy integrations, drug database intelligence, automated eMAR updates, and compliance with NCPDP 10.6 SCRIPT standards.”

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