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Investment Management for General Partners

Our suite of innovative investment solutions gives you the tools to raise money, attract and retain investors, automate capital calls and distributions, and give your investors peace of mind—without adding headcount. Mitigate risks, meet compliance obligations, report to investors, calculate performance, account for complicated hierarchies and ownership structures, and receive timely, accurate investment analysis with a system that automates the complex accounting transactions associated with fund management. Yardi is the leading global provider of software solutions for fund managers, including the most prominent private equity real estate firms and NAREIM members.

Yardi Investment Management™ allows you to manage complex ownership structures, consolidate financials for faster period-end close, and automate capital calls and distributions. You can easily calculate accurate returns and compare them to such benchmarks as GIPs, NCREIF and IPD.

Yardi InvestorPlus™ helps you visualize your portfolio and investor health, monitor risk and compliance, and drill to transaction details through a modern mobile business intelligence platform. With centralized valuable customer and contact information, you can easily track communication with investors and brokers and manage your fundraising and capital deployment pipeline.

Yardi Investor Portal™ makes important investment information including statements, tax documents, and capital call and distribution notices available via mobile devices and enhances your relationship with investors.

Fund and Investment Accounting

  • Manage complex ownership structures and consolidate financials for faster period-end close
  • Automate the capital call and distribution process

Performance Management

  • Calculate accurate returns for investors and investments
  • Compare results to benchmarks like GIPs, NCREIF and IPD

Streamlined Investor Reporting

  • Create professional investor statements at period end with rich detail including investment results and details from property operations all stored within the Yardi single stack

Yardi Investment Suite

The Yardi Investment Suite includes Yardi Investment Management for fund and investment accounting, Yardi InvestorPlus for performance management, and Yardi Investor Portal for investor reporting.

Yardi Investment Management

A fully automated investment management solution that enables managers to reduce process cycle times and make better, more informed decisions that benefit their clients.

Yardi InvestorPlus

Serve your investors and their consultants by delivering CRM and business intelligence directly to their mobile and tablet devices via the cloud.

Yardi Investor Portal

Yardi Investor Portal makes important investment information including statements, tax documents, and capital call and distribution notices available via mobile devices.

Software as a Service

Yardi SaaS utilizes more than 10 data centers around the world to enable faster, best practice based deployment of our latest platforms.

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