Investment Management for REITs


Yardi Investment Management™ provides core financial and accounting suitable at the property and corporate entity levels. As a standalone solution or as part of the integrated Yardi Voyager® suite of products, Yardi Investment Management handles taxable REIT subsidiary accounting and fee management, intercompany lending, and consolidations and quarter-end workflow engines. Join Yardi’s large client base of REITs in leveraging Yardi Voyager for a holistic real estate accounting platform that can manage an entire portfolio.

REITs can operate even more efficiently with solutions from the Yardi Suites™ that support lease administration, facilities management, portals for online payments, business intelligence, and other operations. For example, add Yardi Orion® Business Intelligence, a mobile-enabled, customizable platform and gain comprehensive operational and financial reporting, same-store performance comparisons, and dashboards that help you analyze risk and performance.

  • Investment Accounting

    • Financial  accounting for properties and corporate entities
    • TRS (Taxable REIT Subsidiary) accounting
    • Intercompany accounting
    • Complex consolidations and quarter-end reporting
  • Property Operations

    • Property operations across real estate asset classes
    • Lease administration
    • Facilities management
    • Portals and online payments
  • Business Intelligence

    • Comprehensive operational and financial reporting
    • Same-store performance comparisons
    • Dashboards to analyze risk and performance


Yardi Investment Suite

The Yardi Investment Suite includes Yardi Investment Management for fund and investment accounting, Yardi InvestorPlus for performance management, and Yardi Investor Portal for investor reporting.

  • Yardi Investment Management

    A fully automated investment management solution that enables managers to reduce process cycle times and make better, more informed decisions that benefit their clients.

  • Yardi InvestorPlus

    Serve your investors and their consultants with CRM and business intelligence delivered to your mobile and tablet devices.

  • Yardi Investor Portal

    Yardi Investor Portal makes important investment information including statements, tax documents, and capital call and distribution notices available via mobile devices.

  • Software as a Service

    Yardi SaaS utilizes more than 10 data centers around the world to enable faster, best practice based deployment of our latest platforms.