Client Success

SRI Management, LLC

SRI Management, LLC

  • We’ve already reduced paperwork to almost nothing and operate under much tighter processes.

    Dennis McCarthy , Chief Information Officer

    The Company

    Florida-based SRI Management (SRI) provides services ranging from independent living to assisted living and memory care, and owns and operates 11 properties throughout Florida. The company’s mission statement, “building trust so that residents, families and our team have peace” demonstrates SRI’s commitment to creating an atmosphere of care and comfort.

    The Challenge

    Better Billing and Correspondence

    In order to improve communication and provide accurate billing information to residents and their families, SRI needed a single connected solution able to provide real-time accounting information and comprehensive reporting.

    The Solution

    Yardi Voyager Senior Housing

    By using Yardi Voyager Senior Housing to manage resident billing across its portfolio, SRI can now provide detailed information on fees, payments and other charges to residents and their families, who are often responsible for remittance. Yardi Voyager Senior Housing allows the company to enhance communication and improve client relationships by responding quickly to requests for information, billing disputes and other resident-related correspondence through real-time, online access to one secure database hosted in the Yardi Cloud.


    Building Trust with Accuracy and Accountability

    As a founder of SRI, Dennis McCarthy understands the essential role accountability plays in fulfilling its core values. The company’s commitment to offering resident care includes round-the-clock safety protocols, five-star customer service, and staff focused on making residents’ daily life comfortable and fun. Prioritizing the resident experience also means providing accurate, accessible accounting records to facilitate payments and keep residents and families informed. “Billing needs to be as accurate as possible so that you can easily explain why they are being charged and what services they are being billed for,” McCarthy explained. “When you have someone’s daughter or son requesting details, you need to be able to provide them with an accurate accounting of all charges. With Yardi, we can provide all the documentation needed to answer those billing questions. Voyager lets you track almost everything that’s going on with a resident’s account,” he continued. 

    Unifying Operations for Enhanced Efficiency
    Describing its portfolio as a collection of “diverse spaces,” McCarthy credits Voyager with allowing the company to unify staff across several locations. Employees stationed in the corporate office or on site at the communities can all access the same information, allowing staff to work together more efficiently. “Real-time data is by far one of the biggest benefits we’ve experienced,” said McCarthy. “It’s changed the way we do business by giving us a lot of oversight along with robust controls to do the things we need to do when we need to do them.” McCarthy also points to custom reports as another way Voyager has helped the company streamline operations. Thanks to the software’s flexibility and complete accounting capabilities, we’ve already reduced paperwork to almost nothing and operate under much tighter processes,” he said. “Streamlining leads to a more economical business model because we no longer need to spend time preparing deposits, and that time savings translates to money savings as well,” McCarthy concluded. “As a result, Yardi’s integrated system overcomes a lot of issues we dealt with before adopting Voyager, and it did this right out of the box.”

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