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Northbridge Companies

Northbridge Companies

  • Yardi EHR helps us deliver the best quality of care possible.

    Shawn Bertram, VP of Operations

    The Company

    Northbridge Companies is a privately owned and operated senior living provider with 15 communities across New England.

    The Challenge

    Focusing on Resident Care

    With an eye towards eliminating paper records and cutting back on time-consuming tasks, Northbridge Companies needed a software solution able to provide real-time tracking and reporting of caregiver activities and resident needs.

    The Solution

    Yardi EHR

    Northbridge Companies is using Yardi EHR to decrease documentation times and introduce new levels of efficiency. Yardi EHR provides automated electronic health record documentation with one secure, centralized database accessible by multiple caregivers and administrators.

    The Story

    Better Workflows and More Time with Residents

    Northbridge Companies prides itself on being a “high-touch” senior living care provider. The goal for any new technology tools was that they would free staff to spend more time with residents.

    Committed to maintaining a superior level of service to residents while staying within budget, Northbridge Companies chose Yardi EHR in order to transition from paper documentation to electronic health records. Although the goal was to help staff eliminate redundant tasks so they could devote more time to resident care, the switch to electronic health records was met with some hesitancy.

    “Nursing staff were reluctant initially,” explains Shawn Bertram, VP of Operations for Northbridge Companies. “Working with computers is not why they got into nursing in the first place.”

    Once Northbridge Companies identified which tasks could be eliminated or streamlined, the company set about bringing staff up to speed. Once they experienced the ease and utility of Yardi EHR software, staff were quick to embrace the new system.

    “When we worked with them to understand that this new system would allow them to quickly complete care tasks and spend more time tending to resident needs, they were 100% on board,” explains Bertram.

    That is important for future growth in resident capacity. As Bertram explains, “If we continue to build on the products we’re using now, I think Yardi will position us to be prepared to meet the needs of the influx of seniors.”

    “There’s a great synergy between the products,” says Bertram. “I find Yardi to be the most efficient and user-friendly product we’ve used.”

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