Client Success

Holladay Properties

Holladay Properties

  • “We can fulfill our portfolio growth because Yardi Investment Manager meets all of our needs for reporting, investor relations and enhancing our team’s efficiency.”

    Wills Gardner, Director of Capital Planning

    The Company

    Holladay Properties, headquartered in South Bend, Ind., is a full-service, vertically integrated commercial real estate firm engaged in land development, design/build and property management. Holladay has developed more than 20 million square feet of commercial space.

    The Challenge

    Keeping Pace with Growth

    Holladay recently experienced a period of increased investment activity. Tracking and executing opportunities required compiling data and generating reports with multiple data systems, a time-consuming process. The company sought a more efficient way to manage investment activity, communicate with investors and distribute reports.

    The Solution

    Yardi Investment Manager

    Holladay adopted Yardi Investor Manager to perform capital tracking, management of new investment opportunities and investor communications within a single connected solution. Clients and Holladay employees alike can access investment information on their own through a portal without needing to rely on emails or phone inquiries.

    The Story

    More Efficiency and Enhanced Investor Relations

    Holladay uses Yardi Investment Manager to push out quarterly investor reports and annual items such as K1 tax forms much more easily without preparing multiple emails or printing report packets. Investors receive up-to-date information, which increases their confidence in Holladay and enhances the company’s reputation. The data compilation is automated, requiring much less time and labor by the staff.

    “As we attract more investors and execute larger deals, we assume more reporting and tracking obligations. Investment Manager helps us meet them fully,” said Wills Gardner, director of capital planning for Holladay.

    Holladay has five times as many investors as it did five years ago. Keeping up with this growth required working more efficiently in every area of its business. “Investment Manager helps us do that without needing additional staff,” Gardner said.

    Furthermore, he added, “the integration of Investment Manager with Yardi Investment Accounting and other Yardi solutions provides a single source of information and eliminates merging inefficient and error-prone data systems.”

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