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Commonwealth Senior Living

Commonwealth Senior Living

  • Not only has this helped us out tremendously from an operations standpoint, but it’s also made our staff a lot happier.

    Angela Kennedy, Senior Accountant

    The Company

    Focused on helping seniors “age with dignity,” Commonwealth Senior Living operates 23 communities throughout Virginia. Founded in 2002 by Richard J. Brewer, the company values leadership from within and strives to create an atmosphere of teamwork and transparency. As one of the largest providers of independent living, assisted living and memory care in the state, Commonwealth Senior Living has the capability to serve over 1,700 residents.

    The Challenge

    Achieving Visibility Into Operations While Keeping Staff Focused on Residents

    In an attempt to improve operational insights and increase staff satisfaction, Commonwealth Senior Living aims to make management decisions that foster collaboration and reduce time-consuming tasks, so community associates spend less time on paperwork and more time with residents. As part of an effort to simplify record keeping and free associates from mundane and repetitive work, Commonwealth Senior Living sought a software solution capable of providing real-time access to essential resident records in one centralized database.

    The Solution

    Yardi Voyager Senior Housing

    By consolidating resident records into one secure database hosted in the Yardi Cloud, Yardi Voyager Senior Housing provides the robust technology solution to address Commonwealth Senior Living’s staff training and retention challenges. Finding and keeping the right associates remains an ongoing challenge for senior living providers. With Yardi Voyager Senior Housing, time-consuming tasks can be eliminated and workflows streamlined so that staff can spend more time with residents, improving overall productivity and heightening associate satisfaction.

    The Story

    Real-Time Data, Available 24/7

    The centralized record keeping, customized menus and comprehensive records available in Yardi Voyager Senior Housing allows staff to do their jobs more effectively, but that’s not the only benefit. According to Angela Kennedy, Senior Accountant for Commonwealth Senior Living, the simplified data entry system and streamlined record keeping helps associates feel more engaged by freeing them from repetitive tasks so they can focus on contributing in a more meaningful way to the company’s core mission. “Now that we have Voyager, our home office staff can manage all the information in one system and access data in real time at all our locations,” said Kennedy. “Not only has this helped us out tremendously from an operations standpoint, but it’s also made our staff a lot happier.” 

    Better Training, Improved Morale 
    Making the switch to Yardi Voyager Senior Housing also allowed the company to centralize its database so that associates can access information quickly and easily. “Training staff how to use a powerful software like Voyager can be challenging at first,” said Kennedy, “but as we continue to implement new products and delve into the functionality available, we can see just how much is available and what we can really get out of our system.” For Commonwealth Senior Living, a key advantage of simplified workflows is the ability to customize employee roles so that each staff member can access just the information necessary to complete their own tasks. “Sometimes a new associate can be intimidated by a robust software system because it can do so much and there are so many options,” she said. “With Yardi Voyager Senior Housing we can customize the roles and menus so that staff only see what they need to see. We were able to tailor the system for the staff on the front line to make it easy for them.”

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