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Alter Domus

Alter Domus

  • Yardi Investment Accounting gives us full transparency and efficient data processing. It has changed how we approach our real estate operations.

    Alex Droste, Director of Real Estate Accounting and Fund Administration

    The Company

    Alter Domus is a fully integrated provider of Fund and Corporate services dedicated to international private equity and infrastructure houses, real estate firms, private debt managers, multinationals, capital market issuers and private clients. Founded in Luxembourg in 2003, Alter Domus has 37 offices worldwide. The company serves 25 of the 30 largest private equity houses in the world, 26 of the 30 largest real estate firms and 26 of the 30 largest private debt managers.

    The Challenge

    Disparate Systems

    Alter Domus aimed to be a one-stop investment services provider. Meeting that objective required offering competitive services as well as thorough market knowledge, and that meant working efficiently and mitigating risk, which the company wasn’t fully capable of doing with its previous software technology stack.

    For example, creating reports required Alter Domus to assemble data from multiple disparate systems, create an offline model, then reconcile all the data, a time-consuming process and vulnerable to compromise.

    “We realized that if we had a vertically integrated investment management system capable of generating faster, more transparent and comprehensive reporting, we could offer something new to our clients and the market in general,” recalled Alex Droste, director of real estate accounting and fund administration for Alter Domus.

    The Solution

    Yardi Investment Accounting

    Yardi Investment Accounting automates the asset, investment accounting and investment lifecycle within a single connected solution. The solution delivers faster reporting, drives investment strategies, satisfies investors and enables full transparency from investors through assets.

    The Story

    Less Risk, More Efficiency

    All investment data, from the investor to the asset levels, is now housed in Yardi Investment Accounting. This integration allows Alter Domus to generate reports, financial statements, capital calls and distributions that are timely, accurate and free of the risks associated with combining data from disparate sources. Yardi Investment Accounting also maintains a single chart of accounts for multiple fund and asset types that the company’s accounting staff can navigate quickly and efficiently. Staff can customize financial reporting for various fund and asset types depending on a client’s needs, another new capability.

    Yardi Investment Accounting also reduced the time Alter Domus requires to process waterfall and performance metrics.

    “Yardi Investment Accounting has streamlined our review and risk management processes. That, in turn, helps us improve transparency for our clients. We can help them see what’s coming in their markets and what they need to do to stay ahead,” Droste said.

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