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AHEPA Management Company

AHEPA Management Company

  • We’ve reduced one of our onsite trainings from five days down to two with Aspire.

    Lucy Parsons, Director of Compliance and Training
  • Yardi Aspire helps us make the most of our investment in technology so that users across all of our properties benefit.

    Lucy Parsons, Director of Compliance and Training

    The Company

    AHEPA Management Company (AMC) provides onsite property management, maintenance, and supportive services to HUD-subsidized Section 202 senior apartments developed by AHEPA National Housing Corporation. AMC supports more than 95 properties in 22 states nationwide, with management protocols based on years of hands-on experience.

    The Challenge

    Regional Training with Consistency

    AMC’s nationwide footprint and large user base makes delivering efficient employee training a challenge. In the past, AMC relied on extensive travel schedules, classroom training sessions with PowerPoint® presentations, and costly webinar software to disseminate instructional material to staff.

    The Solution

    Yardi Aspire

    Yardi Aspire streamlines staff training with an innovative online learning solution. It replaces outdated methods of staff training, such as brochures and DVD’s, with interactive courses with opportunities for collaborative learning with peers.

    The Story

    Taking Training to a New Level

    AMC went live with Yardi Aspire in December of 2014. Director of Compliance and Training Lucy Parsons describes how Yardi Aspire has helped maximize her company’s training budget. “We save a lot of time and money with Aspire. For example, one of our onsite training programs has been cut from five days down to two, which means travel days are down from five days to three.”

    AMC employees have access to a curriculum of more than 40 courses, which AMC easily adds to using templates included with Yardi Aspire. “We add our custom screenshots, messaging about our policies and procedures, and anything else we need to communicate,” said Parsons.

    Ongoing Benefits Yardi Aspire gives AMC employees constant access to training resources since it is always available online. “There are many processes which don’t often occur, and trying to train for every situation that might arise is difficult. With Yardi Aspire we can ensure that training for all situations is easily available to staff whenever they need it,” said Parsons.

    AMC relied on Yardi Aspire as it upgraded to Yardi Voyager 7S. “Part of the upgrade planning process included developing a training curriculum in Yardi Aspire. We timed it so we had Yardi Aspire implemented before 7S so our employees had the resources necessary to make the move go as smoothly as possible., That way employees could quickly learn and take advantage of the features available with 7S,” said Parsons.

    Improved Reporting New tools to document training have improved AMC’s reporting on employee development across its regional offices. “Yardi Aspire helps us make the most of our investment in technology so that users across all of our properties benefit,” said Parsons.

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