Revenue Management with
Better Results, Better Service, and Complete Visibility

Get better results with Yardi RENTmaximizer™, a dynamic revenue management system built into Yardi Voyager®. Now you can increase rental income growth while you improve occupancy.

RENTmaximizer is designed to optimize revenue by pricing leases using the balance between your real-time inventory, traffic, and market conditions. RENTmaximizer provides complete visibility to see your rent movement, understand your financial and operational performance, and know your market — including every comp and how you compete. And because it’s built into the mobile Voyager platform, you can access your RENTmaximizer information from smartphones and tablets, using any browser.

Revenue management

Clear and comprehensive metrics focus on all operational components that drive revenue including rental income, concessions, occupancy, and rental rate, not just pricing.

Product Highlights


  • Better Results

    Clients using RENTmaximizer have gained on average more than 6% net rental income growth while improving occupancy. And properties using RENTmaximizer consistently beat the market by a minimum of 2%.

    This intuitive, transparent pricing system empowers your sales force, provides clear and comprehensive reporting, and promotes adoption throughout your organization. Leases are priced by the system daily, which allows for fast adjustment to market conditions and changes in your inventory and traffic, while adjusting for cost constraints such as vacancy loss, turnover costs, inventory hold days, and lease expiration management.


  • Better Service

    You manage your business, we manage your pricing. Only Yardi provides you with a dedicated revenue manager with valuable industry experience along with your revenue management software. Your dedicated revenue manager will get to know your business processes, assets, and goals to provide superior support and will work with you to maximize your returns. And as a RENTmaximizer client, you’ll receive this service and training continuously to promote ongoing success.

  • Complete Visibility

    RENTmaximizer provides holistic revenue intelligence for your operations team. With this transparent system you’ll see everything from rental rates and occupancy data to property performance benchmarking (compared to the market, submarket, and competition). Prospects and residents will gain various pricing options, while your managers will enjoy greater confidence that you are delivering the best possible rental prices.

  • Market Intelligence

    Yardi Matrix provides nationwide intelligence on markets, submarkets, competition, developments, rents, occupancy, and more. This data delivers accurate indicators of economic trends and performance and helps you price apartments profitably. When market-specific data is incorporated with your RENTmaximizer data, you can accurately benchmark performance and factor it into rent projections and calculations — which enhances your revenue management strategy and helps boost the performance of individual assets.

  • Unprecedented Business Intelligence

    When you combine Yardi Orion® Business Intelligence with Voyager and RENTmaximizer, you get instant 360-degree business insight. Orion brings together your operational, financial, property, and pricing data and provides revenue management dashboards — with key information about pricing trends, marketing activities, and revenue growth to drive improved portfolio performance. And, you can get all this information using your smartphone or tablet, and any web browser.

Key Features
  • Industry benchmarking data provides complete visibility for more successful pricing
  • Multiple pricing options fit customer needs and address fair housing concerns
  • Predictable daily pricing allows for fast adjustment to market conditions and your inventory
  • Analytical reporting provides complete intelligence on components that drive maximum revenue
  • Superior service and ongoing training from experienced revenue managers
  • Integration with Voyager and Orion combines for 360-degree business intelligence across your entire portfolio
Key Benefits
  • Helps you consistently beat the market to gain maximum revenue and optimize your assets
  • Includes Yardi experts dedicated to managing your pricing so you can focus on your business
  • Leverages a built-in proprietary feedback loop to continuously advance algorithms, making the system smarter
  • Allows you to map your pricing to your business process and goals with a configurable system built into your Voyager platform