Real Estate Business Solutions

For every real estate market, Yardi provides industry-leading asset and property management software solutions — with mobility — that operates on a single platform, so you can manage every aspect of your business with unparalleled efficiency and ease.

  • Multifamily Housing

    Yardi Voyager® Residential is a single-database property management and accounting system for your entire multifamily business. Yardi Multifamily Suite provides additional benefits with portals, online payments, electronic transactions, online procurement, integrated utility billing, call center support, online resident screening, and more. For small to mid-sized portfolios, we offer the Yardi Genesis²™ platform with add-on products for marketing, leasing, screening, insurance, and payment processing from the Yardi Genesis² Suite™.

  • Office and Industrial

    Yardi Voyager® Commercial is a fully integrated management and accounting solution for your office and industrial portfolio. From lease management to calculating recoverable expenses, the system helps you work more efficiently and be more competitive. To gain additional value and benefits, add the Yardi Commercial Suite™. For small to mid-sized portfolios, we offer the Yardi Genesis² platform, including CAM reconciliation functionality, with add-on products for marketing, tenant portals, and payment processing from the Yardi Genesis² Suite.

  • Affordable Housing

    Yardi offers solutions to fit the need and budget of every affordable housing provider. Yardi Voyager® Affordable Housing is our flagship platform and Yardi Genesis²™ for Affordable Housing is geared for small- to mid-size organizations. Both integrate compliance, accounting, and property management with workflows for subsidies including HUD 50059, Low Income Tax Credit, HOME, and RHS Section 515. Choose value-add solutions from the Yardi Affordable Housing Suite™ and Yardi Genesis² Suite for integrated payment processing, resident screening, online housing applications, and more.

  • Retail

    Yardi Voyager Commercial is the leading single-system solution for retail property management. The integrated system automates the complicated transactions, sales numbers, percentage rent and reconciliations that are required to manage your retail portfolio. To gain additional value and benefits, add the Yardi Commercial Suite. For small to mid-sized portfolios, we offer the Yardi Genesis² platform with add-on products for marketing, tenant portals, and payment processing from the Yardi Genesis² Suite.

  • Public and Assisted Housing

    Yardi Voyager® PHA maximizes your efficiency in managing Housing Choice Vouchers, conventional Low Rent Public Housing, Project Based Leased Housing, and many special state and locally subsidized programs. For additional value and benefits, add Yardi Public Housing Portal™, Yardi Payment Processing, and Yardi Procure to Pay.

  • Self Storage

    Yardi has multiple solutions to meet the needs of storage operators. Yardi Genesis²™ for self storage, Store Advantage™, and Store Enterprise™ are cloud-based systems that combine property and asset management, accounting, and performance analytics for a variety of portfolio sizes and business needs. Genesis² includes add-on services for insurance, payment processing, and tenant service tasks.

  • Senior Living

    As your core operating solution, Yardi Voyager® Senior Housing centralizes assisted living property management, general ledger accounting, document management, maintenance, resident census and billing, budgeting, analytics, and more. Eliminate unnecessary licensing fees and training costs associated with multiple software systems and connect your employees on one shared Web-based platform.

  • Investment Management

    Yardi Investment Suite™ increases corporate transparency and offers integrated solutions to track capital automatically, determine property cash flows and valuations, and provide real estate investors with timely, reliable results that strengthen confidence.

  • Condo, Co-op, HOA

    Yardi Voyager® Condo, Co-op, and HOA tracks properties, units, owners, and changes of ownership, transfers scheduled charges, and automatically calculates fees for you. Add CONDOCafé™ to benefit from online services for owners, board members, realtors, and guests. And automate utility management with the Yardi® Smart Energy Suite.  For small to mid-sized portfolios, we offer the Yardi Genesis² platform with add-on products for marketing, certificates, portal access, and payment processing from the Yardi Genesis² Suite.

  • Government Services

    Yardi Voyager® Government provides the most comprehensive set of financial, accounting, and management tools for government, all built into the web-based Voyager platform. From the smallest to the largest government agencies, Voyager automates all real estate processes to help you increase efficiency and improve decision-making.

  • Student Housing

    Yardi Voyager® Student Housing is a dedicated student housing module that leverages all the power and versatility of Voyager and Yardi Multifamily Suite™ to market and manage your student housing properties. Yardi Student Housing also harnesses social networking to expand your online presence and lower your marketing costs.

  • Construction and Development

    Yardi Voyager® Construction Management provides a full-service job-costing and receivables system designed to help you efficiently manage all types of real estate development through all phases of construction.

  • Single Family Homes

    Yardi Voyager® Single Family Homes leverages the industry’s leading multifamily business platform: Yardi Voyager Residential. When you add Single Family Homes to Voyager, you’ll gain unprecedented insight not only into your single family properties, but also into your entire portfolio — with role-based dashboards, real-time reporting, and all the tools you need.

  • Global Solutions

    Yardi Voyager® International provides the tools necessary for fund advisors, investment managers, property managers, and developers to effectively manage multinational portfolios in a fully-integrated, centralized system.

  • Military Housing

    Yardi Voyager® Military Housing is the leading choice for efficiently managing military housing, including family housing, barrack housing, and Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH). To help you work even more efficiently, add the Yardi Military Housing Suite™.

  • Social Housing

    Yardi Voyager® Social Housing works with Voyager Residential to seamlessly integrate Canadian compliance, accounting, and property management. The software helps your staff work more efficiently, and ensures compliance is met for all social housing programs including RGI and Rent Supplement.