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Thank you for your interest in our products. To give you a closer look at our solutions, we offer free webinars so you can see them in action. Simply register now using the links below. You can also request more info for a personalized demo from our sales team.

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COMMERCIALCafé from Yardi offers a unique combination of dynamic, personalized online marketing and tenant service portals that enhance your marketing efforts and deliver outstanding customer services. Join this webinar to see how COMMERCIALCafé can provide greater visibility for your available properties for lease and sale, and enhance tenant satisfaction by allowing the convenience of payments, statements, maintenance requests and other services online or from a mobile device. Please join us for a 30 minute presentation on COMMERCIALCafé.

Genesis2 Canada

Streamline your operations and save time and money with Yardi Genesis2™ for Canadian companies. Learn how you can improve efficiency with this web-based, cloud-hosted property management and accounting solution designed for small to mid-sized companies. Genesis2 supports many different property types — including residential, commercial, condo, and self storage. Increase mobility by tapping into a single database that can be accessed from any browser. Join us for a 60-minute product demo where you will see:
  • How to optimize operations with best practice workflows for daily tasks
  • How to enhance your business intelligence with portfolio-wide reporting and analytics
  • How to leverage optional smart additions for resident screening, payment processing, marketing and more

Genesis2 Condo/HOA

Discover a better way to manage condominiums and HOAs. Yardi Genesis2™ features a mobile, integrated database with tools to track ownership and charges, calculate fees, collect payments, monitor maintenance, enforce bylaws, and more — along with a full reporting package. Optimize operations and save money with this web-based Software as a Service property management and accounting platform for small to mid-sized companies. Join us for 60-minute product demo where you will learn:
  • How to eliminate manual processing errors and increase efficiency with automated workflows
  • How to monitor and track architectural review processes and bylaw violations
  • How to enable optional owner portals that include convenient online payments

Genesis2 for Commercial

Simplify commercial property management and save time and money with Yardi Genesis2™. Learn how you can improve efficiency with this web-based, cloud-hosted property management and accounting solution designed for small to mid-sized companies. Increase mobility by tapping into a single database that can be accessed from any browser. Join us for a 60-minute product demo where you will learn:
  • How to manage commercial portfolio needs with breakpoints, percentage rents, and automated CAM functionality
  • How to enhance your business intelligence with portfolio-wide reporting and analytics
  • How to leverage smart additions for property marketing, tenant portals and online payments

Genesis2 for Residential

Streamline residential property management and save time and money with Yardi Genesis2™. Learn how you can improve efficiency with this web-based, cloud-hosted property management and accounting solution designed for small to mid-sized companies. Increase mobility by tapping into a single database that can be accessed from any browser. Join us for a 60-minute product demo where you will learn:
  • How to optimize operations and resident service with best practices for daily tasks
  • How to enhance your business intelligence with portfolio-wide reporting and analytics
  • How to leverage smart additions for resident screening, insurance, payment processing, property marketing, and more

Genesis2 for Self Storage

Manage self storage properties with one system that can be accessed anywhere. Yardi Genesis²™ streamlines property management and accounting while providing integrated services that enhance your business. Get a mobile solution with complete accounting functions, including a powerful general ledger, check writing, and bank reconciliation. Genesis2 delivers automated delinquency processing, built-in security dashboards, analytics and reporting, automated prospect and tenant workflows, and a valuable correspondence package. Join us for a 60-minute product demo where you will learn:
  • How to optimize operations with best practice workflows for daily tasks
  • How to utilize easy tools for facility management, accounting, and maintenance
  • How to leverage optional smart additions for payment processing, insurance, and prospect and tenant services


Discover your marketing genius with RENTCafé®. Learn how to attract leads, covert prospects, and retain residents with our all-in-one marketing solution featuring dynamic websites, online leasing, and built-in social media and reputation management tools. RENTCafé features complete mobility for your leasing consultants. Seamless integration with Yardi Voyager, RENTCafé CRM, and RENTCafé Connect presents prospects with real-time pricing and unit availability. Get ready to turn more leads into leases—faster than ever before!

Join us for a 30-minute session where you will learn:
  • How to fulfill all your online property marketing and resident services needs from one platform
  • How to maximize leads with social media marketing and reputation management tools
  • How to expedite the leasing cycle with complete online lease execution and renewals

RENTCafé Connect

Increase property occupancy by eliminating missed sales opportunities! Discover your leasing genius with RENTCafé® Connect™, our flexible solution that serves as a seamless extension of your leasing office 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Enjoy all the benefits of a digital answering service when you want it, paired with on-demand access to trained customer connection agents when you need them most. All prospect and resident interactions are captured in Yardi Voyager, including call recordings and analytic reporting.

Join us for a 30-minute presentation where you will learn:
  • How you can access live agent leasing and resident support within the boundaries of your marketing budget
  • How our customer connection agents can help you increase leads, leases, and revenue
  • How to improve resident satisfaction and increase renewals

ResidentShield Protection Plan

Find out how the ResidentShield renters insurance program can be an effective tool in reducing your risk (and improve your NOI) from resident-caused property and casualty loss. Traditional renters insurance programs can be difficult to administer and monitoring program compliance is time-consuming. In this webinar we will demonstrate how Yardi has automated the entire insurance quoting, application, and policy issuance process in under five minutes! Best of all, the entire program is integrated within your Yardi Voyager workflows, no double inputting or hunting for information. This presentation is designed for on-site leasing professionals who will be administering the program to residents of apartment communities.

Yardi Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting

Learn how you can calculate your short term budgets and long term cash flow projections right within your core accounting system with Yardi Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting. This product is a highly sophisticated budgeting, cash flow projection, and modeling solution that automates creating budgets and valuations at the property and portfolio level. All report data is based on your real-time property management and accounting data within Yardi Voyager. Yardi Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting eliminates the need for spreadsheets or third-party budgeting and valuation software, allowing you to easily create budgets and cashflows from rent roll and financial data already housed in Voyager Commercial Property Management.

Key features of Yardi Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting include:
  • Forecast short and long term budgets and cash flows based on detailed lease and financial data in Voyager
  • No need to rekey or import/export data to 3rd party systems.
  • Reduce Cycle times for budgeting and quarterly reporting
  • Include debt and capital project information already contained in Voyager
  • Consolidate property level budgets, forecasts and valuations for Portfolio level analysis
  • Build in workflows to enhance collaboration and drive efficiency
  • Version controls and Check In/Check Out functionality
  • Detailed revenue projections driven by contractual leases and robust market leasing assumptions

This demonstration is designed for investment managers and executives currently using Yardi Voyager who are looking for an integrated solution for forecasting and budgeting.


Yardi Advanced Maintenance

Learn about our new addition to Yardi’s Facilities Management: Advanced Maintenance. The Advanced Maintenance module is available for all verticals and integrates seamlessly with the Voyager Property Management Platform as well as with the other Voyager Facilities Management tools. Advanced Maintenance adds the ability to do planned preventative maintenance on a recurring scheduled manner with a robust analytics and reporting feature set. In addition learn how the Mobile Maintenance Manager tool frees facilities managers from their office and allows them to manage their teams and tasks directly from their tablet.

Yardi Commercial LeasingPad

See how you can manage valuable customer, prospect and deal information by automating the entire leasing process with Yardi Commercial LeasingPad. This integrated solution provides real-time access to all activities relating to your customers, prospects, and leasing pipeline. The webinar will demonstrate the solution’s key features, including:
  • Collecting and tracking leads from your marketing sources
  • Integrating with Microsoft® Outlook for email, contacts and calendar items
  • Tracking deal-related information including customer interactions, leasing milestones and deal economics
  • Monitoring leasing agent performance with dashboards
  • Configuring dashboards for easy navigation to prospects and customers
  • Managing marketing brochures, mass emails and campaigns
  • Real-time pipeline reporting and analytics

Yardi EHR

Now you can coordinate and deliver health care services from your laptop, desktop, or tablet. Join us to learn how the industry’s only health care solution built into an ERP platform boosts profitability, reduces risks, and improves resident satisfaction.
  • Streamlined resident intake and assessments
  • Coordinated care planning between all assigned staff
  • Intelligent behavior management with predictive responses to treatment
  • Integrated medication administration with bidirectional pharmacy communication
  • Improved price proposals and resident billing with integrated financial management

Yardi Energy Solutions

See how our Yardi Energy Solutions can help you improve efficiencies and increase cash flow by recovering utility expenses, and by eliminating the time-consuming and costly process of manual utility billing and energy management. Yardi Energy Solutions is a suite of services including automated utility billing services, energy management services, and meter installation and maintenance. The entire utility billing process, from cost allocation to billing to payment processing, is completed directly in your Yardi Voyager database. The webinar will demonstrate many of the key features, which are listed below.

Key features of Yardi Energy Solutions include:
  • Utility invoice allocations computed by submeter calculations or Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS)
  • Measurements, allocations, billing and payment processing performed directly within Yardi Voyager
  • Convergent billing mailed directly to residents or available via resident portal for review and payment
  • Vacant unit cost recovery to ensure timely transfer of utility charges upon move-in
  • Utility billing analytics uncover errors or potential leaks for prompt recovery of overage charges

This demonstration is designed for executives and property managers currently using Yardi Voyager who want to maximize efficiencies and cut costs with an automated energy billing and management solution.


Yardi Investment Management

Learn how Yardi Investment Management™ can automate all the accounting for your ownership above the property regardless of your business model. General partners, fund managers, fund advisors, REITs, limited partners and others can use Yardi Investment Management to significantly reduce closing time, increase responsiveness to investors or stakeholders, and grow portfolios. This webinar will also show how Yardi Investment Manager:
  • Easily maintains complex real estate financial structures
  • Automates the flow of capitalup and down an investment structure
  • Automates the calculation of performance returns such as XIRR, cash on cash, NCREIFF, IPD, time-weighted and custom returns
  • Automates financial consolidations and significantly reduces time to close each month and quarter
  • Automates reporting to investors and related parties via email or the Yardi Investor Portal™

This demonstration is designed for executives who want to streamline their investment management processes while increasing investor confidence with timely, accurate, and comprehensive investment information. It will illustrate how Yardi Investment Management tracks structures and cash flow and automates consolidations and returns reporting.


Yardi Marketing Suite

Learn how the Yardi Marketing Suite™ can help you attract and retain residents to increase your rental revenue. Your marketing program is multi-faceted. You need solutions to address online advertising and marketing, leasing, and resident services. You need a solution that helps you capture 100% of your leasing and resident calls so that you don't miss revenue opportunities. The suite includes an end-to-end property marketing and resident services platform, lead tracking and customer relationship management tools, as well as prospect, resident, and leasing consultant apps, and a flexible digital answering service. Integration with Yardi Voyager® means full mobility, real-time information access, and data accuracy.

Join us for a one-hour presentation where you will learn:
  • How to increase exposure and improve user experience with dynamic property marketing tools
  • How you can ensure every lead is serviced using real-time lead tracking and mobile leasing
  • How to maximize resident retention by enabling key online services

Yardi Marketplace

Learn how Yardi Marketplace can save you time, cut costs and provide easy access to more than 1 million MRO products and building supplies. Yardi Marketplace is an online procurement and invoice processing platform that offers competitive pricing from such national vendors as The Home Depot, Staples and Grainger. This session will show how your business can benefit from standardizing supply purchases, improving visibility into spend and enforcing compliance with your corporate initiatives.

Key points covered in this webinar include:
  • Single-point supplier management for all property supply needs, including sustainable products
  • Online catalogs featuring leading distributors
  • Consolidated electronic invoicing
  • Customizable workflows aligned with internal policies and procedures
  • Detailed spend analytics

Yardi Orion Business Intelligence

Yardi Orion Business Intelligence is a unique mobile platform that will revolutionize your real estate operations. With powerful, flexible reports and dashboards providing unrivaled insight and a 360-degree view of your business, Orion expands secure access and unlocks key data to help owners and managers monitor and improve property and portfolio performance.

Yardi Payment Processing

Explore the benefits of Yardi Payment Processing™, which includes four payment processing options for multifamily property management. Yardi Online Payments™, Walk-in Payment System (WIPS™), Yardi CHECKscan™ and RENTCafé TextPay™ are payment processing solutions integrated with Yardi Voyager® to streamline rent collection, cut operational costs, and reduce processing errors. Your residents can conveniently pay rent online, via text, or at participating retailers, and your staff can quickly bulk scan and digitize rent payments made with checks and money orders. Reduce labor and errors and maximize cash flow with a paperless payment processing solution.

Join us for a 30-minute session where we will discuss:
  • How you can reduce operational costs and minimize errors by collecting payments online via ACH or credit card
  • How automating work flows and eliminating bank runs with same-day ACH or X9 deposits increases operational efficiencies
  • How to increase resident satisfaction and increase cash flow by providing residents flexible payment solutions

Yardi Procure to Pay

Learn how to operate more efficiently, streamline procurement, eliminate paper, and reduce costs with Yardi Procure to Pay™. This solution fully automates the entire AP process, from purchasing to invoice processing to payable creation, with fully customizable, role-based approval workflows. Yardi Marketplace provides an off-the-shelf procurement solution with competitive pricing from such national vendors as The Home Depot, Staples, Grainger and Wilmar. VENDORCafé™ drastically simplifies management of vendors including vendor onboarding, compliance and ongoing vendor data maintenance. VENDORCafé also gives vendors an easy to use portal for submitting invoices electronically, reducing labor and costs associated with manual processing. Immediate benefits include purchasing efficiencies, lower paper and paper handling costs, elimination of lost invoices, reduced invoice processing time, timely payments, and enhanced cash flow control.

Yardi RENTmaximizer

Find out how you can determine your absolute optimum rent prices with Yardi RENTmaximizer. By using comparative analysis of market conditions, trends, and company-set variables by region, Yardi RENTmaximizer can determine the highest rent to charge while still achieving high occupancy. Yardi RENTmaximizer is built in as part of Yardi Voyager and requires no special expertise, making it easy to use and providing unique benefits from integration.

Key features of Yardi RENTmaximizer include:
  • Configuration and automation of the pricing process
  • Determination based on supply, demand, occupancy, exposure, competitive pricing, and historical trends
  • Optimization based on seasonality, move-in date, lease term, turnover costs, and property goals
  • Leveraging client-specific business rules and knowledge
  • Complete Revenue Process Workflow Dashboards
  • Built-in feedback loop making your system “smarter” over time

This demonstration is designed for executives and property managers currently using Yardi Voyager who are looking for an advanced rental pricing solution.


Yardi Resident Screening

See how our Yardi Resident Screening can help you make smarter leasing decisions to maximize revenue and effectively manage risk. Yardi Resident Screening offers a fully automated, integrated, and customizable screening platform designed specifically for the multifamily, affordable, and PHA industry.

Yardi Senior Living Suite

Join us for a 60-minute webinar to see the power of the Yardi Senior Living Suite, including our new RENTCafé Senior Living solution. Resident data flows throughout the system from initial contact as a prospective client and throughout their residency at your community. Imagine how simple it would be to have a single software platform that covers CRM, property management, finance, health care, client-facing web portals, and business analytics. Learn how the Yardi Senior Living Suite merges every major function of this specialized industry into a seamless solution with real-time collaboration across all staff.
  • Simple, comprehensive software hosted in the cloud by Yardi
  • Time and cost savings through a single-vendor software provider
  • Improve collaboration and real-time information sharing across all departments
  • Powerful analytics aggregating data from all business units

Yardi Voyager Commercial

See how you can gain remarkable efficiency and a competitive advantage with our Yardi Voyager software designed for owners and managers of office, industrial and retail real estate. Yardi Voyager manages all aspects of commercial and retail property management including comprehensive lease management, property management, recoveries, retail sales and percent rent, accounting and financials, and analytics. The webinar will demonstrate many of the key features, which are listed below.

Key features of Yardi Voyager Commercial include:
  • Managing leases for renewals, options, terminations, space expansions/contractions, and encumbrances
  • Dashboards for tracking commercial property tasks and performance with approvals
  • Calculating recoverable expenses across your tenant base (e.g., CAM, property taxes, insurance)
  • Retail sales and percentage rent calculations
  • Tracking critical dates and notifications
  • Generating correspondence (e.g., invoices, statements, letters, reports) distributed via online, email, or mail
  • Comprehensive financial and commercial leasing analytics reporting

Once you standardize on Yardi Voyager Commercial, you can extend your Voyager system by adding products from the Yardi Commercial Suite for CRM, valuation and cash flow modeling, procure to pay, commercial portals, business intelligence and more. This demonstration is designed for executives and property managers interested in upgrading their commercial property and financial management system.


Yardi Voyager Construction Management

Learn about our comprehensive job costing and receivables system, Yardi Construction Management, designed to track all types of construction projects through all phases of construction. Our system helps you track and maintain budgets, budget revisions, job bids, expenses, receipts, draws on construction loans, subcontracts, lien-waiver controls, retention, and more. This system is completely integrated with our Yardi Voyager Property and Financial Management system.

Key features of Yardi Construction Management include:
  • Monthly, yearly, and multi-year budgets per job
  • Contract change orders
  • Simultaneous one-click posting of costs to property, job, contract, vendor and GL account
  • Tracking and auto-calculation of draws and receivables
  • Automatic over-budget checking against job and contract
  • Ability to select vendors used exclusively for job costing
  • Job management reports with drill-down to underlying transactions This demonstration is designed for executives and property managers currently using Yardi Voyager who are seeking a full service job costing system.

Yardi Voyager Residential

Discover how Yardi Voyager combines comprehensive property management and accounting functionality designed for all types of residential real estate, including apartments, single-family homes, manufactured housing, and student housing. This centralized, Web-based software solution provides owners and managers with real-time information, streamlined workflows, minimized errors, increased efficiencies, and maximized cash flow. The webinar will demonstrate many of the key features listed below.

Key features of Yardi Voyager Residential include:
  • Leasing management tracking availability, specials, renewals, and performance by property or portfolio
  • Leasing dashboard with guest card and applicant workflow, lease expirations and task notifications
  • Automated online hot sheets, quote sheets, and brochures
  • Move-in, move-out, and make ready tasks with drill-down to details by resident or unit
  • Work orders and maintenance management
  • Correspondence creation, distribution, and management
  • Real-time unit, property, and portfolio statistics via occupancy, vacancy, and traffic reports
  • Residential, maintenance and financial analytics

Once you standardize on Yardi Voyager Residential, you can extend your Voyager system by adding products and services from the Yardi Multifamily Suite for utility billing and energy management, resident screening, call center, rent maximization, procure to pay, payment processing portals, internet listing and more.

This demonstration is designed for executives and property managers interested in upgrading their residential property and financial management system.


Yardi eLearning

Deploying consistent and relevant training opportunities across multiple offices is a challenge for most companies. This turnkey platform and customizable content library are designed specifically for the property management industry and is ready to be used as a part of your current training regimen. Easy-to-use authoring tools allow you to quickly create new courses using your existing training documents, PowerPoints, videos, and flash files. Engage your learners with note taking tools, online assessments, achievements, and class discussions. Increase productivity and knowledge retention with hands-on Voyager exercises during lessons. Manage live training events and self-paced courses from any web browser or mobile device. Use SSRS reporting to track learning progress of your teams and individual student progress. Learn how Yardi eLearning can increase workforce productivity and increase the return on your training investment.