Payment Processing

  • Full Suite of Payment Processing

    Allow your residents to make rent and other payments online or in person at participating retailers — a convenience they expect. Automate rent processing and eliminate bank runs for your staff which saves time and maximizes cash flow.

Yardi Payment Processing includes three payment processing options for multifamily property management. Yardi Online Payments™, Yardi CHECKscan™, and Walk-in Payment System are payment processing solutions integrated with Yardi Voyager® to streamline rent collection, cut operational costs, and reduce processing errors. Your residents can conveniently pay rent online or at participating retailers, and your staff can quickly bulk scan and digitize rent payments made with checks and money orders.

Product Highlights


  • Yardi Online Payments

    Yardi Online Payments provides paperless self-service rent payments for your residents, with a convenient recurring payment option. Residents can log in at any time, view their account balances, and pay rent directly from a bank account (ACH payment) or with a credit card. Online payments are entered directly into Voyager, with automatic deposits and easy bank reconciliation. ACH payments are sent to your bank via EFT the next day; credit card payments are processed within 2-4 days.

  • Walk-in Payments (Residential Only)

    Our Walk-in Payment System (WIPS™) allows residents to pay rent in cash at participating retail locations. Residents get the convenience of a one stop experience. Property management companies gain efficiencies and reduce money order fraud. This service can be easily added to your existing Yardi cash management system. Electronic payment confirmations available in Voyager next day; funds made available within three business days.

  • Check Scanning

    Yardi CHECKscan eliminates trips to the bank, lost checks, and manual keying errors, and also reduces NSF risk. Simply bulk scan batches of personal, corporate, bill pay, and cashier’s checks and money orders, and greatly reduce processing time. CHECKscan creates receipt batches in Voyager for all items, and permanently stores the image files — so you don’t need to make copies. Payments are transferred electronically to your financial institution the next day, which optimizes your cash flow.


Key Features
  • Electronic deposits provide rapid availability of funds
  • Credit card and ACH payments with recurring ACH option
  • Walk-in payment service allows residents to pay rent in cash at participating retail locations
  • 24/7 resident access to view ledgers and make online payments
  • Voyager auto-matches charges and applies payment priority rules
  • Permanent check image storage in Voyager for scanned payments
  • Online review workflow with color-coded transactions for easy resolution. No data transfer or synchronization needed
  • No data transfer or synchronization needed
Key Benefits
  • Online payments increase resident satisfaction and maximize your cash flow
  • Paper checks and money orders can be bulk scanned and digitized
  • Walk-in payment option reduces money order fraud and offers one-stop convenience
  • Electronic deposits are auto-transferred to your bank account
  • Manual errors and time-consuming bank runs are eliminated