One Platform for Complete Vendor Management

As part of Yardi Procure to Pay™, VENDORCafé® dramatically reduces paper and email invoices with mobile-enabled electronic vendor management. Centralize product and service vendor information in a single system of record, with a complete view of all your vendors and property associations. Define your onboarding process to ensure only approved vendors enter your accounting system, and proactively assess vendor risk across your portfolio.

Product Highlights

  • Streamline Management

    Implementing VENDORCafé across your portfolio helps you control which vendors are used by your staff. Assess vendor risk and simplify compliance in one system to ensure you get the right vendors for your business. Eliminate rogue purchases by controlling accessibility and invoice workflow. Reduce liability by maintaining critical documents such as insurance coverage.

  • Complete Visibility

    VENDORCafé gives you complete visibility to manage compliance, data maintenance, and payments. Drastically reduce invoice loss and duplication by importing invoices directly to the invoice register. Vendors receive real-time information on all aspects of their business with each client. You can keep better track of payables, and vendors are paid faster.

  • Optimize Communication

    This Web-based portal is available to Yardi-registered and client-approved vendors. Vendors can upload insurance certificates, receive expiration alerts, view their ledgers, upload invoices and monitor invoice approvals. Real-time integration with Yardi Voyager® simplifies your interactions.

Client Benefits
  • Real-time integration with Yardi Voyager®
  • Simplifies vendor onboarding, compliance and ongoing vendor data maintenance
  • Turnkey self-service compliance available
  • Drastically reduces lost and duplicate invoices; all invoices imported directly to invoice register
Vendor Benefits
  • Cost-efficient, secure, and effective way to process and manage business with clients online
  • Real-time information on all aspects of business with each client, including compliance status and invoice management
  • Electronic invoicing eliminates printing of paper invoices, postage costs, and time spent correcting errors
  • Mobile solution without the need for an app; works on tablets and smartphones