Procure to Pay

Reduce Costs with Paperless P2P

Save money, save time, and be able to focus on your clients. Yardi Procure to Pay™ is our centralized procure to pay platform including automated procurement with Yardi Marketplace™, comprehensive vendor management via VENDORCafé®, and electronic invoice processing with Yardi PAYscan™.

Yardi Procure to Pay streamlines and automates your accounts payable process so you can reduce costs, work more efficiently, and focus on your clients. Plus, you gain spend management with online catalogs, approval workflows, payments, reporting, and analytics and simplify vendor onboarding, compliance, and direct invoice importing that drastically reduces lost and duplicate invoices.

See Yardi Procure to Pay in Action

Product Highlights


  • Eliminate Paper, Automate Approvals

    Yardi PAYscan virtually eliminates copying, mailing, and storing paper, and minimizes ‘touch points’ that can lead to lost invoices and data entry errors. Electronic invoices are automatically imported directly into Voyager, with an online approval workflow that reduces cost per invoice and improves productivity. Timely payments are enabled by EFT or check. Electronic vendor invoices automatically map to, and compare against, user-generated purchase orders. Lines are compared against price, SKU, and quantity to ensure the ultimate payable correctly maps to the purchase order (sale of record).

  • Reduce Costs, Gain Oversight

    Yardi Marketplace centralizes procurement and provides portfolio-wide spend management. Online catalogs are defined by you and represent existing vendor relationships, down to the property level. Easily access favorite product lists, add items to your shopping cart, and the purchase order is automatically populated. Yardi Procure to Pay users gain special in-store and online access to thousands of materials from The Home Depot®. Your ability to approve and leverage negotiated pricing across your portfolio and perform real-time budget checks maximizes spending control.

  • Simplify Vendor Management

    With VENDORCafé, centralize product and service vendor information in a single system of record, with a 360º view of all your vendors and property associations. Define your onboarding process to ensure only approved vendors are added to your accounting system, and proactively assess vendor risk across your portfolio. Optimize vendor communication with this web-based portal available to Yardi-registered and client-approved vendors. Vendors can upload insurance certificates, receive expiration alerts, view their ledgers, upload invoices and monitor invoice approvals.

Key Features
  • Comprehensive online catalog with over one million products including sustainable product options
  • In-store purchase programs with partners such as The Home Depot and Grainger
  • Customizable workflows, flexible payment options, and detailed spend analytics with transactional detail
  • Complete vendor profile management for easy contact, document, insurance, and payment information updates
  • Automated vendor invoice and payment processing workflows
  • Seamless invoice processing with online approvals for timely payments via EFT or check
  • Systemic matching of electronic purchase orders to invoices
  • GL account balance insight during entire AP process
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics from purchase order to invoice to payment
Key Benefits
  • Reduces costs through a competitively priced catalog featuring nationally recognized suppliers and manufacturers
  • Increases compliance with environmental policies and green initiatives
  • Provides insight to trial balance impact prior to payment
  • Saves money and time by eliminating lost invoices, duplicate payments, and potential overpayments
  • Reduces overall audit fees and support effort
  • Simplifies vendor management including onboarding, compliance, and ongoing data maintenance
  • Ensures turnkey compliance through RMIS or self-service compliance