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RentCafe Self-Guided Tours

Create more leasing opportunities with easy & secure self-guided tours

Add convenience and lease more units with self-guided apartment tours that are built into your property marketing platform. Let prospects schedule and enjoy tours at a time and pace that works for them. Prioritize safety with electronic ID verification, digital locks and motion sensors.

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Make Scheduling a Snap

Offer guided and self-guided tour booking on your website. Renters choose available appointments that work for them. You control the timing and frequency.

Learn how to optimize your tours

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Expand Your Leasing Capabilities

Extend your leasing hours and offer tours when your leasing team is busy. Create more leasing opportunities without adding staff.

Download ebook: The New Apartment Tour

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Verify Prospects’ Identities

Make sure prospects are who they say they are before they visit with advanced renter ID verification technology. It’s a frictionless part of the tour scheduling process.

Get ID Verify details

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Improve the User Experience

Make self-guided tours easier for prospects and leasing agents. No apps to download, no cumbersome interfaces, no missing or incomplete data.

Self-Guided Tours and Chat IQ work together to guide the prospect through the leasing cycle, answering questions and providing calls to action every step of the way.

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Connect the Leasing Lifecycle

Go paperless with the RentCafe Suite. Starting with tours, you can go from prospect to resident to renewal completely online with a real estate CRM.

See what renters expect from a virtual experience

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