Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Accurate Budgeting, Flexible Forecasting

    Engage in highly effective planning processes by delivering budget projections with increased accuracy and the ability to make quick, accurate, flexible forecasts.

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Yardi Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting is an essential tool for commercial real estate owners, managers, and investors who need to continually measure the financial health of their investments. You can eliminate costly imports and exports to spreadsheets or niche budgeting programs and quickly make accurate and flexible forecasts informed by detailed property data. Changing assumptions, speculative leases, debt, and construction projections is easy and intuitive. Yardi Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting provides detailed analysis and comparison of future income and expense projections using data from actual tenant leases, streamlines budget preparation, and creates custom forecast models and formulas. This seamless, end-to-end advanced budgeting and forecasting solution delivers the speed and accuracy that greatly reduces cycle times and improves workforce efficiency.

Product Highlights


  • Enhanced Budgeting

    Deliver detailed analysis and comparisons of future income and expenses and significantly enhance the budget preparation process. Comprehensive financial reporting delivers in-depth analysis and explanation, making budget reviews quicker; powerful budgeting and forecasting tools enable the generation of detailed projections with greater accuracy and efficiency.

  • Market Leasing Assumptions

    Utilising detailed market leasing assumptions, Yardi Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting provides precise budget projections for rents, recoveries, charges, concessions, and retail sales overage figures. Easily apply inflation estimates to leasing income and expenses including rent, recovery charges, occupancy, costs, inducements, and retail sales.

  • Model Properties

    Gain the ability to create a budget based on model properties that let you modify or delete units and records to support budgeted leasing assumptions. Assumptions in the “budget world” do not affect “real world” unit and lease records.

  • Robust Reporting

    Report on specific budget accounts with narratives and detail. Utilise advanced commercial tenant analytic reports to show revenue, lease inducements, market leasing assumptions and occupancy for a budget term. Analytics allow quick comparison of budget versions to identify differences with GL actuals, allowing you to quickly isolate variances.

  • Automated Valuations

    Automatically calculate future cash flows and determine net present values (NPV) and internal rates of return (IRR) at the property or portfolio level. All GL transactions, lease changes, market leasing assumptions and future vacancy projections are automatically factored into the analysis in real time. Ensure the timely delivery of reliable information, deliver better risk analysis and maximise returns with more informed buy, hold or sell decisions.

  • Advanced Modelling

    Yardi Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting is an essential tool for modelling and analysing debt service and cash flow forecasts to provide clear visibility into current and potential assets with data drawn directly from Yardi Voyager®. Advanced modelling capabilities create forecasting scenarios that deliver optimal investment proposals for acquisitions and investors. Forecast and manage debt service using real-time assumptions for loan terms, mortgage interest rates, and repayment schedules including points, fees, and potential penalties. Apply variables to improve consistency and accuracy and model unlimited deals for potential investors using varying commitment levels and IRR hurdles.

  • Sensitivity Analysis

    Drive improved decisions on acquisition and disposition by enabling the analysis of unlimited “what if” scenarios that combine real-time property, lease, and investor data with market leasing assumptions and other variables. Quickly change hold timing, cap rates, inflation and other factors to immediately see their impact on assets, assess risk, and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

Key Features
  • Automated budget preparation and analysis using real-time property data
  • Increased budget projection accuracy to help maximise profitability
  • Commercial model properties for safe lease and space configuration changes
  • Scenario analysis and comparison to predict future revenue
  • Vacancy, debt and rentable items for modelling
  • Robust workflows and approval processes
  • Unlimited budget versions with copy and consolidate capabilities
Key Benefits
  • Reduce budget process cycle times
  • Forecast future revenue with detailed, real-time assumptions and enhance visibility
  • Easily forecast revenue, job cost and CAPEX, and debt based on configurable models
  • Efficient, error free collaboration allowing multiple people to work on single budgets simultaneously
  • Leverage multi-currency capabilities and international valuation techniques