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Cushman and Wakefield / The Lund Company

Cushman and Wakefield / The Lund Company

  • Thanks to Chat IQ and CRM IQ, our teams have everything they need in one place. We don’t have to manually update anything because it’s all connected to our RentCafe property data.

    Carrie Bakke, Senior Systems Analyst, Cushman and Wakefield/The Lund Company

    The Company

    Cushman & Wakefield/The Lund Company offers a full suite of real estate services, including brokerage, property management, consulting, investment acquisition and more. Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, they market and manage more than 100 commercial buildings and more than 20,000 residential units.

    The Challenge

    Fielding questions & gaining customer visibility

    The Lund Company needed a more efficient way to automate answers to common questions that were being asked repeatedly. They initially tried a third-party chatbot, but it only created unnecessary logins and manual inputs. Additionally, their onsite teams had limited visibility to customer information, delaying decision-making and customer service.

    The Solutions

    Chat IQ answers prospect and resident questions every day at any time via email, call, text and chat. With an impressive instant answer rate for customer questions, onsite teams have more time to focus on higher-level priorities. Chat IQ can also connect your customers to an onsite agent or a Yardi agent.

    CRM IQ helps onsite teams gain full visibility into prospect, applicant and resident workflows. By providing a single view of all customer interactions and transactions, CRM IQ creates a seamless customer journey from lead to renewal. Built to enhance a multifamily organization’s approach to centralization, it allows onsite staff to do much more without compromising the customer experience.

    The Story

    Streamlined answers

    The Lund Company implemented Chat IQ to instantly answer repetitive prospect questions regarding pet policies, business hours and other common inquiries — but the results exceeded their expectations.  

    “Chat IQ freed up approximately six hours a day for our staff, who previously spent that time answering repeated questions,” said Carrie Bakke, senior systems analyst at Cushman & Wakefield/The Lund Company.

    Due to its trainability and seamless access to property and customer data, Chat IQ was able to answer 97% of The Lund Company’s customer questions upfront without additional setup or human interaction. All other questions were picked up by onsite agents.

    Another impressive feature, Bakke recalled, was Chat IQ’s ability to prompt customers calling the property if they would like to continue via text. “One of the first examples where we saw that feature being used resulted in a lease,” she noted.

    By handling the bulk of incoming questions, Chat IQ enabled The Lund Company’s teams to focus on more complex tasks that required human attention, which ultimately led to increased customer and employee satisfaction.

    “This is a huge win for us because almost half of our inquiries come in after business hours,” Bakke continued. “It’s been a game changer for our teams to have all these redundant questions answered.”

    Complete customer visibility

    While Chat IQ freed up hours for their leasing teams, The Lund Company leveraged CRM IQ to provide an even more seamless customer and staff experience. CRM IQ empowered onsite teams with comprehensive, cross-portfolio data, enhancing the customer journey and saving teams from manual efforts.

    The best part? Both solutions seamlessly integrated with their existing database.

    “Our teams like being able to see everything on one, user-friendly dashboard. They have everything they need in one place,” Bakke explained.  

    CRM IQ enabled The Lund Company to manage prospect, applicant and resident workflows on a single screen, eliminating the need to toggle between systems. From one location, staff could access customer records, including past communications and histories with other properties in their portfolio.

    Designed to organize workflows based on customers’ journey stages, CRM IQ’s intuitive dashboard helped staff effortlessly guide customers through the pipeline, resulting in a more personalized, customer-centric experience.

    The power duo for multifamily

    CRM IQ and Chat IQ unlocked a new level of efficiency for The Lund Company, minimizing time spent on manual tasks and enhancing focus on what matters most: their customers. “CRM IQ’s customer-centric functionality shows our teams information that they previously didn’t have access to. Information like this helps us make our residents feel valued,” Bakke emphasized.

    Looking ahead, The Lund Company is looking forward to rolling out the solutions to more properties. “We love the seamless integration and very little setup required when adding Chat IQ and CRM IQ to a property. It’s been a game changer for our teams,” Bakke said.

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