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Forecast IQ

Predict. Budget. Elevate.

Get detailed revenue and expense forecasting using your performance data to quickly build more accurate budgets. Eliminate spreadsheets and align teams with a simple tool that improves collaboration and shortens cycle times.

Part of Yardi Elevate for multifamily.

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Optimize Budgeting

Create budgets quickly using your historical Voyager unit-level data. Apply assumptions and calculations to meet business goals and build a more accurate budget in less time with property budgeting and forecasting software.

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Improve Accuracy

Eliminate error-prone spreadsheets and duplicate data entry. Align teams with a simple-to-use tool that delivers reliable revenue predictions.

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Jennifer Price

Director of Systems

Walton Communities

“I can click a button and find out in seconds what our growth rate or total revenue is going to be for the year, and we can forecast and reforecast on the fly.”

Streamline Workflows

Improve oversight with workflow, versioning and communication tools. Facilitate collaboration between teams by viewing independent updates to each asset.

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Connect Data

Reduce cycle times with connected budgeting tools for property management that prevent data rekeying and automatically integrate your multifamily portfolio information. Easily make revisions and reforecast to adapt quickly.

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Predict Revenue

Harness your historical data for an accurate prediction of an asset’s future revenue performance including new and renewal growth rates.

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See Clearly

Get a complete picture of each asset’s budget status for your entire portfolio on one clean and easy-to-use dashboard with KPIs and drilldown.

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Model Income

Use your actual data to model ancillary income including rentable items and other charges to predict the impact on your revenue. Standard and configurable calculations are included to consider the most common scenarios for residential revenue budgets.

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Forecast IQ is part of Yardi Elevate for Multifamily

Yardi Elevate provides in-depth operational data and predictive insights with recommended actions to elevate asset performance by lowering costs, balancing risk and increasing revenue. Learn more.

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