Client Success



  • By adopting PayScan, we were able to move from 12 systems to one.

    Carmin Tomassi, Vice President Controller
  • Thanks to the efficiencies created by PayScan, one person is able to manage the work previously done by our AP team.

    Carmin Tomassi, Vice President Controller

    The Company

    Silverado of Irvine, Calif., manages 34 properties throughout the West Coast and Midwestern United States. The organization specializes in senior care with an emphasis on assisted living and memory care, as well as hospice and home services. Silverado’s philosophy of care pursues “a symbiosis of top-notch clinical care and compassion that recognizes each client, resident or patient’s uniqueness.”

    The Challenge

    Disparate Systems

    When Carmin Tomassi, vice president controller, began his career at Silverado, its accounting department employed 12 systems for daily operations. “They were all different which was just crazy to me. Even keeping track of your logins was ridiculous,” said Tomassi. The previous accounting structure proved insufficient in other ways. The system did not interface with Silverado’s general ledger. Accessing a check register or application programing interface aging, for example, was impossible. And the scattered approvals process required manual data entry and took several days to post, which delayed reconciliation. “It just wasn’t an accounts payable system. It was a check writing system,” Tomassi concluded.

    The Solution

    Yardi Voyager Senior Housing with PayScan

    Yardi Voyager Senior Housing is comprehensive senior housing management software that unifies property management, finance and business oversight for improved efficiency and reduced costs.

    Yardi PayScan further reduces costs through paperless invoice processing. Online workflows expedite the approvals process, minimize errors and ensure timely vendor payments via EFT or automatic check writing.

    The Story

    Simplifying with PayScan

    Tomassi started a campaign to streamline accounts payable using PayScan. The system integrates effortless with Silverado’s existing Voyager Senior Housing software. Within three weeks, Silverado converted most of its invoices from the old system to PayScan. “It was a really big win for us,” said Tomassi. “We now make sure that every single invoice gets reviewed.”

    Tomassi believes that robust reporting features have improved invoice processing times. “We like the reporting feature in PayScan where we can see how long it takes to get an invoice processed by a property. We didn’t have that feature in our previous system. Now, we can start managing that.”

    Tomassi added, “PayScan provides a level of information that we didn’t have before. Now we can act on that data and do something about it. It helped our accounting department improve their processes, like really getting people to pay attention to how they’re coding invoices.”

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