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Voyager 7S Upgrade Testimonials

Power your business with Yardi Voyager 7S, the most advanced property management software on the market. Want to know why our clients love it? Read what they’re saying.


Join the Movement

“Voyager 7S is a true cloud version of Voyager. Everything is available wherever you need it. I carry around my iPad now, all the time, because I don’t want to carry around my laptop. And I can get access to everything in Voyager that I need.”

Aaron Strole
Capital Asset Management

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Free Up Your Time

“Voyager 7S has improved our workflows. Our property managers are getting things done in a much more timely fashion. It’s easy to find things and complete tasks more quickly and smoothly.”

Carol Vandenberghe
Brindley & Associates Inc.

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Make Life Easier

“We’ve found that the auto-search functionality in Voyager 7S really helps shorten the learning curve for new employees.”

Jeffrey Callan
Morgan Properties

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Larry Busgeon


Landmark Realty

“Voyager’s mobile capability and full integration with products such as RentCafe and Yardi Maintenance enhance both our resident service and staff efficiency. Residents can make payments online, including recurring ones, and our maintenance staff can manage work orders in the field without returning to the office.”


Get Onto the Cloud

“Really, the biggest difference we have experienced was that now we have many less technical issues than when we were self-hosted.”

Heather Ferlin

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Upgrade With Ease

“We had less than two weeks of people emailing, saying they couldn’t find something. All the information they needed was spelled out in Yardi eLearning.”

Norma Soria
Cesar Chavez Foundation

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Extend Your Platform

“Now we can perform all of our major business operations from one platform with any browser and mobile device. Voyager 7S helps us achieve our top priority—adding value and maximizing return on investment for our property owners and investors.”

Rich Stayner
Bridge Property Management

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Gain Efficiencies

Brenda Hartson describes how upgrading to Voyager 7S created tremendous efficiencies for L & B Realty.

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Flip the Switch

Matt Evert discusses Versa Development’s painless upgrade experience and how it made things “ten times easier”.

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Start Your Upgrade Today

Email [email protected] or call 800.866.1144 to learn more about upgrading to Voyager 7S.

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