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Verification Services

Maximize occupancy and boost revenue with fast access to income and asset verifications

Free site staff from having to create, submit, track and follow up to obtain verifications. Get income and asset verifications through RentCafe Affordable Housing or Voyager PHA within a matter of minutes.

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Spend Less Every Time You Verify

Choose a streamlined partner that verifies income and asset data much faster and more accurately than manual processing.

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Tailor Verifications for Your Programs

Ensure compliance by verifying income and assets in accordance with the regulatory needs of your properties:

– HUD 50059
– Rural Development
– Local Programs

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Digitize Compliance

Pull all verifications instantly into RentCafe Affordable Housing or Voyager PHA to eliminate compliance errors and securely store digital files.

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Maximize Revenue with Faster Leasing

Minimize days vacant by expediting income and asset verifications and qualifying households sooner.

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