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Hospitality at Work

Hospitality at Work

  • The amount of paper moving through our office really slowed us down and we had to find a way to get more efficient. Yardi makes that happen for us with automated workflows and real-time insight into each property we manage, all on a single platform.

    T.J. Tarbell, Senior Vice President
  • The way our Yardi solutions fit together to streamline processes has helped us so much. And when you see the benefits including how tasks are done faster with less error and no duplication, that proves invaluable for not just the management or executive team but also for every one of our users.

    Shelly Smith, CFO

    The Company

    Hospitality at Work specializes in the management and maintenance of commercial properties. The company is a subsidiary of Lowe, a California-based private real estate company with 51 years of real estate investment, development and management experience. Hospitality at Work combines hospitality with meticulous property management, creating an environment where tenants thrive and owners discover lasting value.

    The Challenge

    Disparate software systems

    Using different software and paper-based methods for various types of tasks created operational challenges for Hospitality at Work. Further, lacking a single source of truth for data made process automation a challenge, particularly as the company was rapidly growing.

    The Solution

    Yardi Elevate

    Yardi Elevate centralizes in-depth operational data for asset and property teams to improve transparency, control costs and drive performance. To optimize business processes from end to end, it connects the deal pipeline to revenue forecasting and construction management as well as tenant and facility management in one connected solution. The Elevate suite includes Yardi Facility Manager, Yardi Construction Manager, Yardi Floorplan Manager, Yardi Forecast Manager and Yardi Valuation Manager.

    The Story

    One connected platform

    Hospitality at Work manages all commercial property types (office, retail, industrial, medical, mixed use, land development, commercial associations). The company also provides building maintenance, construction management and brokerage services.

    According to Shelly Smith, CFO, “Around 2015-2016 we started looking at positioning the company to grow in a more efficient manner by streamlining our processes and that’s how Yardi came into the picture.” Currently, the company is a true Yardi shop and uses a range of connected solutions including Yardi Elevate and Yardi Voyager. Together, these solutions centralize information and provide a single source of truth along with mobile apps and services that keep buildings running at peak efficiency and expedite transactions through real-time data entry and access.

    Reducing paper and going mobile

    Before Facility Manager, front office and field teams handed off information to be keyed in manually. Bringing all team members onto the Yardi platform has delivered great gains in efficiency and data accuracy and has eliminated tedious manual processes.
    According to Smith, the company’s engineering and HVAC techs are no longer pushing paper and are performing routine tasks on their smartphones or tablets. The company saves a lot of time with the added benefit of real-time data entry that expedites processes including weekly updates.

    Gaining real-time data and tenant satisfaction

    Hospitality at Work’s senior vice president, T.J. Tarbell, has realized his single stack vision for the company, thanks to Yardi implementations. Access to information in real time is a big win for the company and its customers, including tenants. “It’s a huge benefit. When a tenant-submitted work order is done the engineer closes it out and the tenant gets an automatic notification that their issue is resolved,” said Tarbell. “We are then able to follow up directly with each tenant, ensuring they are satisfied. These additional touch points are critical to tenant retention.”

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