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A.J. Dwoskin & Associates

A.J. Dwoskin & Associates

  • Yardi Voyager has put A.J. Dwoskin ahead of the curve. As a single stack that offers seamless integration, it’s the best solution.

    Lisa Kolb, Consulting Senior Systems Analyst

    The Company

    A.J. Dwoskin & Associates is a leader in real estate development and management, providing superior residential and commercial products and services in Northern Virginia. The company offers acquisition, construction, property management, leasing and asset management capabilities.

    The Challenge

    Outdated Software

    In 2011, outdated technology threatened to impede the company’s ability to offer superior returns to investors, and they concluded that maintaining competitiveness and the ability to acquire and develop new properties would require implementing new software solutions. To continue meeting its high standard of service to its stakeholders, including employees, investors, tenants and the local community, Dwoskin needed a system that would scale along with its advancing business.

    The Solution

    Yardi Voyager

    Dwoskin adopted Yardi Voyager as its new core property management and accounting platform. Voyager is the most advanced and widely adopted SaaS platform for residential property management, with built-in accounting, real-time performance analytics and complete mobility. The platform enables clients to centralize portfolio-wide financial, operations, leasing, maintenance management and more in a single database.

    The Story

    Single Platform, Myriad Benefits

    According to Lisa Kolb, consulting senior systems analyst for Dwoskin, the decision to move to Yardi Voyager was a “no brainer.” Kolb elaborated, “Because of the seamless integration and the single stack, Yardi Voyager is the best solution. There’s so much functionality, it’s easy to administer, and the security is great.”

    Kolb also raved about Yardi’s commitment to their clients and the industry, “In the past, we used to go to our vendor and beg for functionality. Now, Yardi is bringing it to us and saying, ‘Here’s what the industry is doing – you might need this.’” As a result, Dwoskin never worries about falling behind with their technology

    After converting to Voyager, Dwoskin has selected a number of products from the Yardi Multifamily Suite and Yardi Marketing Suite. “The integration with Voyager was one of the main selling points,” according to Mark Jones, chief financial officer. Since its adoption of Voyager, the company has seen gains in rent growth and occupancy, utility cost recovery, business insight and more.

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