Smart Energy Suite

Automate Utility Billing and Energy Management to Increase Cost Recovery

The only solution for utility billing, energy management, and submeter data administration that is built into Yardi Voyager®, and backed by 24/7 live customer service.

The Yardi® Smart Energy Suite includes multiple products designed to help you create the energy program that fits your needs. Yardi® Utility Billing and Yardi® Utility Expense Management are built into Yardi Voyager® to automate and optimize submetering, utility billing and energy management, backed by service teams and a dedicated regulatory staff. Real-time consumption data and costs are consolidated in your Voyager database. Convergent bills are auto-generated and sent to residents via email or mail. Smart analytics enable control of utility payables by monitoring consumption, identifying leaks, notifying responsible parties, detecting invoice errors, and recovering overage charges.

Yardi Utility Billing

The entire process of meter reading, allocation, billing, and payment is completed within the single Voyager database.

Product Highlights


  • Manage Submetering

    Submetering individual units for master-metered utilities allows you to charge residents for their exact consumption, which decreases costs and increases conservation. We guarantee a professional installation and ongoing system maintenance by our in-house network of experienced technicians.

  • Centralize Utility Billing and Improve Collections

    Yardi Utility Billing transmits and analyzes submeter data and costs are automatically allocated to residents. Along with accurate allocations, our solution provides direct resident billing and online payment options that increase your operational efficiency, while maximizing cash flow.

    Monthly statements can be created that combine resident utility charges with rent due. Studies show that collection of utility costs increases by approximately 20% with convergent billing. And when a resident moves out, final utility bills are automatically tied into your deposit accounting workflow to ensure collection of any outstanding charges. Vacant unit cost recovery provides timely utility transfers when a resident moves in.

  • Gain Control with Actionable Real-Time Analytics

    Yardi Utility Expense Management includes electronic invoice processing, rate and tariff auditing, vacant unit analysis, utility consumption and cost analytics and (optionally) bill pay. Utility invoices can be efficiently processed electronically with an online approval workflow, ensuring timely EFT payments and reducing or eliminating late fees. All utility cost and consumption data is made available for analysis and benchmarking.

  • Expand Sustainability

    Our Certified Energy Managers®, engineers and MBAs have broad experience in rates, policy and analysis as well as hands-on knowledge of mechanical utility systems. We can identify conservation opportunities that meet your business initiatives and measure results with property benchmarking following industry approved protocols, including ENERGY STAR® scores, reporting and certifications.

  • Maximize Insight

    Yardi® E2 Insight is a web-based, interactive, user-friendly tool that provides energy and utility dashboards to track cost, consumption and emissions, and intelligently compares your properties to ensure everything from entire portfolios to individual meters are managed efficiently and to budget. Together with Yardi Utility Expense Management, the process of understanding your utility costs and consumption becomes simple.

Yardi Utility Billing and Yardi Utility Expense Management tenant services provided by YES Energy Management®, Inc.

Key Features
  • Convergent billing tied into your Voyager move-out workflow
  • Automated meter readings, submeter data analysis, and billing allocation
  • Cost and consumption analysis, with monthly reconciliation
  • Analytics using automated meter reads that identify leaks and variances
  • Dedicated regulatory staff and service teams
  • 24/7 live call center support for residents, with call details (and recordings by request) logged in Voyager for quality control
  • Electronic invoice processing with vacant unit cost recovery, rate and tariff analysis, ENERGY STAR® benchmark reporting and optional bill pay
  • Submeter installation and full service maintenance options to preserve the efficiency of your system
  • Dynamic dashboards and analytics with Yardi E2 Insight for a cohesive tool
Key Benefits
  • Offers convergent utility billing that can increase collections by 20%
  • Includes daily meter reads with real-time consumption alerts to identify errors and costly leaks that need repair
  • Features paperless utility invoice processing; saving you money and time
  • Includes dedicated regulatory staff and service teams to provide support