Voyager Airports

Highly Efficient Solution

Maximize airport lease and concession revenue with a powerful, automated property management and concession management solution.

Yardi Voyager® Airports is a highly efficient solution for airport management, including management of properties and parcels, leases, concessions, maintenance, invoicing, billing, and assets. Airport managers from the smallest general aviation to the largest hub airport can use automation and database integration available from Voyager to process receivables and track leases, concessions and rental income.

Voyager automates processes with role-based dashboards, document management, workflows, critical date notifications, and analytics. These tools help you increase efficiency and improve decision-making. With Voyager, you have complete control over the entire tenant lifecycle from occupancy, tenant management and revenue collection to closeout.

Out-of-the-box functionality of Voyager includes:

  • Property and parcel management
  • Lease and concession management
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Work order management
  • Record and document management
  • Asset management

Product Highlights

  • Efficient Lease Management

    Track leases and process receivables with the same automation and database integration leveraged by thousands of public, private and nonprofit organizations around the world—at an affordable price. Eliminating data reentry and housing all lease information in one system saves staff time and reduces the opportunity for errors.

  • Integrated Asset Management

    Voyager gives you a comprehensive, integrated system for long-term management, tracking and reporting capabilities for facilities and leased real estate.

  • Critical Dates and Notifications

    Critical dates, tasks, and notifications are an integral part of the Voyager system. Dates, tasks, and email notifications display directly on the user’s dashboard so that important deadlines are never missed. You can automate tasks or email notifications based on critical dates that you define.

  • Real-Time Analytics

    Yardi Analytics™ deliver real-time property and financial key performance indicators in a way that allows managers to analyze information quickly and flexibly. Analytics are built to facilitate drilldown to source transactions, and flexible enough to slice and dice asset data by attribute.

    • Analyze by attribute, entity, GL book, segment, period or department
    • Drill down to source transactions and data
    • Publish to PDF or Excel
    • Email report packages automatically
    • Create your own KPIs with custom analytics
    • Compile monthly, quarterly, and yearly report packages

    The financial analytics engine draws directly from the operating general ledger transactions.
    • Publish financial reports to a secure portal with the click of a button
    • Maintain compliance with GASB, IFRS, GAAP, and international accounting requirements
    • Automate delivery with Yardi Correspondence Management™

  • Document Management

    Document management functionality will redefine how you process documents. Documents converted to digital files are organized, stored, and accessible from within the system. For example, users can obtain concession agreements from the tenant screen, GIS and noise contour maps from the site screen, and copies of rental payments and invoices through the receivables screen.

  • Integrated Solution

    Extend the Voyager property management and concessions management platform and add integrated modules for construction management, tenant portals, inventory control, and more.

  • Professional Services

    Yardi delivers customized service in support of our products through our experienced services team. Team members work closely with you in setting up your system, converting your data, and training your staff. We help you plan, execute, and test your new system so that you are up and running as efficiently as possible. To ensure a smooth and timely implementation, we assign a project team to guide you through the process, as well as a dedicated account manager to support you through project completion.

Key Features
  • Automated revenue collection
  • Secure record and document management
  • On-demand reports with full drilldown
  • Mobile work order access
Key Benefits
  • Automates lease management and receivables tracking
  • Provides comprehensive, integrated facilities management, tracking and reporting
  • Offers efficient concession management for maximized revenue
  • Enhances financial visibility and accountability
  • Centralizes management for improved maintenance planning
  • Automates email notifications to ensure deadlines are always met