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Voyager Self Storage

Power your business with the most comprehensive self storage software on the market

Centralize operations, accounting, budgeting, and reporting for your entire organization in a single database with Yardi Voyager Self Storage. Add solutions for online property marketing, payment processing and procurement – with mobile apps for unparalleled convenience – all in one single connected solution.

Manage Efficiently

Support all aspects of self storage operations including move-ins, move-outs, payments, delinquency and security with this powerful SaaS solution.

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Empower Accounting

Equip your staff with a complete accounting system that meets all applicable GAAP and IFRS requirements yet is configurable to your unique organizational policies and procedures.

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Navigate Smarter

Work faster with user-friendly, Google-style search functions along with favorites, histories and keyboard shortcuts. And because it’s browser independent, you can choose the browser that works for you.

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Mobilize Access

Work anywhere using any mobile device with full access to your data, real-time analytics and mobile apps. Yardi mobile apps are optimized for iPhone® and iPad®, BlackBerry® smartphones, and Android™ smartphones and tablets.

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Extend the Platform

Build a comprehensive enterprise solution by adding marketing, tenant services, facilities management and more from the Yardi Self Storage Suite.

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Dedicated Solutions

Schedule, track and manage all preventative, routine and emergency tasks from your desktop or mobile device with Yardi Advanced Maintenance. Plus, gain access to solutions specifically designed to handle all your maintenance, inspections and fixed asset management needs.

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